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The March that Roared

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March 8 Update: With warming temperatures Heather and PR will remain closed today due to extreme conditions. Patrol is continuing control operations, and it is essential you do not poach. Thanks for understanding!
March 7 Update - Another foot of snow fell today increasing our two day total to more than three feet. Mighty fine! We added another video to the playlist for your enjoyment!

It’s the season that keeps on giving - month after month after month of endless powder days, face shots and white outs. We will emerge from this season as expert powder riders, or at least with a greater appreciation for the floaty nature of dry, air filled, powder. We’re six days into March and we’ve tallied almost three feet of fresh so far. And the forecast says another 3 to 5 FEET could fall by Friday. We thought February was fantastic - and it was.

Enjoy the video shot by Hette Olyano (on his phone) with Nate Turner storm riding and enjoying the freshies.

A winter advisory says tons of snow is in the Mt. Hood Meadows forecast this week.We’re glad to see winter continuing with such gusto.

It’s definitely a magical season. We know at some point the pattern will change and give way to sunny spring days with sunshine and corn snow and endless cruising. Or - maybe not. December was delightful, January was ridiculous and February was insane with so many powder days. We think March will be marvelous whether it roars like a winter lion, or changes into a lamb. Fleecy white hero snow is fun to carve on too!