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HPC Remodel Improves Demo, Tuning and Hard Goods Purchase Experience

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The High Performance Center is the place where those who want to improve their on-the-snow experience through equipment. The shop houses all of our demo equipment for skis and snowboards, tuning and repair services and stocks new equipment for purchase. Up until this year, there was one entrance into the shop, which tended to crowd up in the morning with a line to register for demos and people wanting to get a quick wax or tune before hitting the slopes. It didn’t make for a good experience, particularly for those that wanted to take some time selecting the right demo or considering a new equipment purchase.

The remodel of the High Performance Center will dramatically improve the experience for each of these customers. As the video shows, the demo journey starts at registration computers located just outside the shop and a service counter will be staffed with demo professionals who can focus on matching the needs of a guest with the right equipment. Those who need equipment repair or tune ups go to a different service window opened up at the back of the shop. A new Wintersteiger Scout tuning machine is the centerpiece of the shop remodel - windows will allow guests to watch their equipment get the best tune on Mt. Hood.

With these demo and tuning services provided on the perimeter, the core activity provides a much improved experience for selecting new hard goods. The superior custom boot fitting by our master techs will still be featured in the shop.

The HPC remodel will provide a much improved experience for those wanting to demo, needing a tune or wanting to purchase new equipment. We look forward to welcoming you into the new shop this 50th anniversary season!