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Lifts won't run at Meadows this holiday weekend but still plenty to be thankful for

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Mt. Hood from the Toyota Vista cam at Mt. Hood MeadowsWith a base area snow depth of thirteen inches and not enough substantial snow in the two-day forecast, Mt. Hood Meadows won’t be running lifts this holiday weekend. The ski area will wait for new snow (expected next week) to prep the mountain for an imminent opening of its 50th anniversary season.

V.P. of Communications Dave Tragethon expressed disappointment about the delayed opening, saying, “Our team worked hard to prepare the mountain for a great holiday, but unfortunately the warm rain this week deteriorated our snowpack. We know winter enthusiasts are anxious to get this season kicked off and we remain optimistic that we will be getting the season underway soon. There’s a snowy forecast next week and we have the benefit of already having a base to build on. Hopefully by next weekend we will have lifts operating.”

Tragethon says there is much to be thankful for, even with the delayed opening. “There’s snow in the forecast and we have an awesome mountain crew and equipment that excels at snow harvesting. We have passionate guests who can’t wait to get on the snow, on a mountain that annually receives more snow than almost any other place in the country. We have an excellent long range forecast for a snowy season, and a team that is stoked to provide enriching experiences here at 'Your Mountain Home.’ And it’s our 50th anniversary season! Just add snow and we’re ready to go!"