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Snow Dance Instagram Contest Entrants Make it Snow

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Congratulations to tina_in_pdx - the winner of the #GoldenTicket in our #SnowDance contest. Her performance of several snow related dances to conjure up the snowflakes is appreciated!

Honorary mention goes to d_a_n_i0 and and rubensteinjesse for their collaboration and original song “I love big dumps” - we’re awarding them both 50th Anniversary Back Packs!

JanOlson53 #SnowDance for photo submisstionWe’re also giving janolson53 a back pack for the stunning back lit snow celebration photo.

And our winner of the back pack drawn at random goes to burrows.luke who submitted a Golden Ticket song remix from Willie Wonka.

Thanks to everyone who had fun putting together their entries.


Our Snow Dance Instagram contest proved that some people are willing to do almost anything to get a Golden Ticket! We’ve captured some of the best videos that were posted on Instagram last week and added a couple of our favorite images as well.

We’ll announce the winner of the contest here on this blog page Monday, but thought we’d give you a sneak preview of the entries. The Playlist is presented in no particular order - but the most popular will rise to the top. Feel free to make comments on or like your favorites - it won’t affect the results (we've already determined the winner), but we feel everyone who submitted deserves some likes!

We will do a random drawing from all the submissions for a 50th anniversary Dakine Back Pack, and award a few other honorary mentions of some that we especially enjoyed. However, our favorite will receive a coveted Golden Ticket (and a chance to win a 50 year season pass to Mt. Hood Meadows) for their efforts.

Enjoy - and thanks to everyone who participated in the contest last week. Your efforts brought us another half a foot of snow for the weekend! To see all those who posted videos or images,