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Holiday Storm Expected to Affect Operations Saturday

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Winter storm advisory for Mt. Hood SaturdayOkay - maybe we’ve been doing too many snow dances! The current forecast would make Saturday the storm of the season - with high winds and the possibility of one to two feet of snow in a 24 hour period. That’s going to be awesome for our season (and for building up the Cascade snowpack) but for tomorrow, let’s say we expect it to be gnarly.

We love the snow - and we want to make sure that if you are venturing to the mountain you are prepared for the weather. First and foremost, make sure you have traction devices - adequate snow tires or chains, and if you have chains that you put them on before you need them at the designated chain up areas. You should fill up your tank before heading up the mountain, throw in a couple of blankets along with your winter gear and a shovel could also be a useful tool. With over a foot of snow falling throughout the day tomorrow, shoveling will be needed to extricate you from your snow bank. 

Now about those winds - they are westerly and that tends to affect our lifts more than the normal prevailing winds. Today the westerlies put Shooting Star and Hood River Express on standby, along with our upper lifts Vista and Cascade. We are operating with Mt. Hood Express, Easy Rider, Buttercup and the Ballroom Carpet. Tomorrow’s forecast winds are stronger than today, and there’s a possibility we will have even less lifts to offer because of it. 

We will do everything we can to ready the resort and operate whatever lifts we can, but only within the margin so safety for our guests. We advise you check our conditions page in the morning (before you head to the mountain) and be aware that this storm will affect lift operations. While we may have a status of a lift standing by, we really won’t know whether it will operate until 9 AM. And the storm may actually intensify during the day meaning lifts that we get open in the morning could be placed on standby as the day progresses.

We have postponed our weekend youth program buses for Saturday (SnoBlasters, Trailblazers and high school) out of precaution. We hate to do that based on forecast, but feel it is appropriate under these circumstances. 

And as always, know that the weather does change and forecasts are just that a forecast. We’re geared up for a great day regardless of what the weather brings.