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Reducing carbon emissions - an expression of mountain love

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Advocating carbon emission reduction for the love of our mountainTo our elected officials, and all who love this mountain:

Mt. Hood Meadows is celebrating 50 years of enriching lives and providing snow sports enthusiasts an opportunity to recreate in an exquisite alpine environment.

Last winter we enjoyed strong snow fall at Mt. Hood Meadows. Unfortunately, this season we are experiencing a warmer and wetter winter. Inconsistent weather trends and snow pack have become more prevalent at Meadows over the past several years and that has, in turn, driven the development of our many efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. There are many effective methods we use to minimize our carbon footprint, and we are not alone. Many other ski resorts are doing what they can to mitigate their carbon footprint and reduce their collective impact on our climate.

Reducing our carbon emissions, however, is only one element of mitigating climate change. We are seeking action from our elected officials to pursue responsible climate policy as a means to advocate for climate protections. We support in concept efforts by the Legislature that proactively address the reduction of Oregon’s carbon footprint in ways that are balanced, effective and sustainable. All of Oregon business, government, families and individuals need to step up now to address carbon reduction in a meaningful way.

Winter recreation at Mt. Hood Meadows provides Oregonians with a safe and fun place to exercise their wellness and renew their spirit. Winter recreation is not only fun, it is a thriving industry. A good winter for Mt. Hood ski resorts is also good for the local economy. The Oregon ski industry provides an estimated 6,772 jobs and over $194.4 million in personal income. 

We respectfully call on our leaders in Salem to work together to support climate change initiatives that help protect our environment and our business. Oregon can transition towards a clean energy economy by limiting carbon emissions and investing in clean energy sources. Together, with like-minded states up and down the west coast, and countries around the world, we can sustainably protect the future of our climate, our environment, and the future of mountain recreation for future generations to enjoy. 

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