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With deep powder comes great fun and responsibility

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Friends enjoying powder riding at Mt. Hood Meadows
Mt. Hood Meadows has some of the best powder conditions on the planet right now. Seriously. It’s deep and feather light, with well below normal temperatures from arctic cold fronts driving these storms. This cold weather with moisture pumped is forecast to continue through the weekend.

And while the powder is plentiful, delightful and fun to play in, you need to be aware and take precautions to enjoy safely these primo conditions.

1. It’s Cold - Dress for it. To prevent or reduce your risk of frostbite, dress properly. Layering is essential and covering all exposed skin is a must so be aware of any gaps between your gloves and jacket, between jacket and headgear and around your goggles. Take frequent breaks to warm up and check for any signs of frostbite. If your gear or clothing is lacking stop by our sport shop we can help.

2. It’s Deep - But not bottomless. That’s the fun part of it! But remember we are still early season and there isn’t much base beneath all that powder. There are all kinds of unmarked obstacles lying beneath this freshly accumulated snow.

3. It’s Deadly - Avoid tree wells. It’s during these endless days of snow accumulation that you need to be keenly aware of Tree Well and Snow Immersion Suffocation. This can happen when a skier or snowboarder falls – usually headfirst – into a tree well or deep loose snow and becomes immobilized and trapped under the snow and suffocates. ALWAYS RIDE WITH A BUDDY ON POWDER DAYS! Get more information at

4. Stay In Bounds! Untracked powder lying just on the other side of the rope line is tempting. But the consequences can be deadly. We ask our guests to respect our boundaries and closures. Guests crossing boundaries to access the Reserve, Heather or cross a rope line into any other closed area are risking their lives and those of our patrol. Offenders' passes are being pulled and they are being asked not to recreate here for at least 60 days – Minimum. This is serious – and we apologize for having to lecture everyone, to reach the bone-headed few who are too stupid or selfish to abide by rule number 6 of the Code. STAY OUT OF CLOSED AREAS!

Sorry for the heavy overtone here at the end, but we really do care about you and want you to enjoy safely the awesome conditions we have at Meadows!

For more information visit our safety page.

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