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No More Unlimited Passes at Mt. Hood Meadows - Well Not Really

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Three skiers pause to view awesome clouds at Mt. Hood MeadowsAfter this season, the Unlimited season pass will no longer be offered at Mt. Hood Meadows. The pass, promoted as valid at “every lift, every hour, every day of operation” has been a staple at the resort since it’s opening fifty seasons ago. In it’s place Meadows will offer a Value Season Pass to which peak day access can be added. So while the specific "Unlimited Pass" won't be in the new online store, the Value Pass with All Peak Access added on will provide the same Unlimited Access at the same price (see related story).

One caveat - Multi-year passholders (those that had a pass for both the 2017/18 and 2016/17 seasons) will be able to renew their Unlimited Season Pass for the 2018/19 season online or at the resort through May 31.
Another caveat - our new online store allows purchasers to add peak day access to the Value Pass - resulting in a pass that has every day access with no black outs, the same as the Unlimited, for the price we would charge for an Unlimited. Sorry for the headline scare - but this is about a processing change in our online store. It certainly generated some great conversations about passes, loyalty and the peak day experience.

Vice President of Marketing Dave Tragethon says this innovative approach will allow purchasers to customize their pass to match their visitation pattern and budget, explaining, “The Value Pass is the base upon which someone can build their season. It is our most affordable access pass, and is valid all 150+ days of scheduled operation for the 2018/19 season. However, at the busiest times on our busiest days, the Value Pass doesn’t provide access between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM, hence the limited nature.” Tragethon says for those that need Peak day access, Meadows has a plan for them, elaborating, “Peak day access can be added to the Value Pass, in daily increments, or for the whole season. This allows pass purchasers the flexibility to determine how many Peak days they need and pay accordingly, providing an affordable pass option while better managing peak day capacity. A Value Pass with All Peak Access added essentially is the same as the Unlimited Pass and the cost will be the same as what we would charge for an Unlimited."

2018/19 Season Pass Pricing

Out of the 150+ day season there are 37 Peak days, when the Value Pass is not valid from 9 AM to 3 PM: December 15th through January 2nd; Saturdays and Sundays during January and February and Presidents Day and Martin Luther King Monday holidays.

Tragethon says the pricing of the Value Pass with the ‘all Peak access’ add on will be consistent with the former Unlimited Pass, however, “This system allows us to better manage and plan for Peak day demand. The pricing for adding on Peak access will increase as those timeframes draw nearer. So those who plan and purchase in advance get a better price, because it helps us plan and manage Peak demand better.

“Another reason for phasing out the Unlimited pass is the expectation that the word ‘Unlimited’ creates,” says Tragethon. “This system allows us to better inform pass purchasers in advance and provide solutions that collectively can mitigate some of the challenges Peak demand presents.” Oregon’s growing population of outdoor enthusiasts pursuing mountain recreation on Mt. Hood is exasperating the Peak day challenges. Tragethon notes that ideally, shifting demand to the days when capacity isn’t an issue is the best plan to create a better experience for all Meadows guests, “And educating pass holders who visit on Peak days about traffic flow, car pooling, public transportation and other means to reduce traffic congestion and parking will also improve the situation.”

2018/19 Season Passes are on sale now on the resort’s website. Multi-year passholders (those that had a pass for both the 2017/18 and 2016/17 seasons) will be able to renew their Unlimited Season Pass online or at the resort through May 31. They will save up to $50 (depending on age group) and get a free passholder bonus package that includes a free lift ticket and three discount buddy tickets.

New purchasers and those that had a pass just this season can purchase the Value Pass and add on all Peak access. Those purchasing by May 31 will receive the passholder bonus package (the bonus package is not available for ages 6 and under or 75+).

Meadows will continue to offer a selection of specialty passes – night access (valid after 3 PM), Spring Passes (access starting around the second week of March), Progression Beginner (access on the South Side lifts) as well as 5 time and 10 time passes. Those passes will be available for purchase before next fall.

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