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Riders amaze crowds at Toyota reVEGETATE Rail Jam

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Day two of the Toyota reVEGETATE event presented by Ninkasi Brewing saw the convergence of some of the most talented metal riders in the Northwest. The awesome Meadows Parks crew planted a garden of twenty rails in the base area - and twenty finalists were pulled from two 90 minute jams for a 30 minute jam final to determine the podium and the pay out. 

The rail jungle was laid out to allow riders to link together hits and grinds most creatively, and the jam format compelled them to dial in their tricks and go big with it. Hand stand 360 flips off the barrel, 720 spins, rail to rail transfers and big air off of the A frame stunned and delighted a huge base area crowd with jam-side seating in the Ninkasi beer garden. Perhaps the trick of the day was Herman Neil’s back flip off an up rail, jibbing the bottom of the rail on landing he perfected in the qualifying jam, and repeated in the final.

Place Women Snowboard Final Jam
1 Erika Vikander
2 Randa Shahin
3 Sierra Clasen
Alex Pugliese
Place Women Skier Final Jam
1 Carrie Sidwell
2 Jacqueline Bono
Place Men Snowboard Final Jam
1 Herman Neal
2 Tanner Seymour
3 Danila Shipilov
Colton carroll
Connor Carroll
Kai Polenday
Reilly Tardiff
David Cooper
Kit Hendrickson
Austin Buza
Place Men Skier Final Jam
1 Joey Vandermer
2 Derek Roy
3 John Kutcher
Peter Christiansen