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Spectacular opening weekend sets the tone for a great summer at Meadows

Enjoying the late afternoon with s'mores on the deck at Mt. Hood MeadowsWhat an awesome opening weekend for our summer scenic chair and hiking experience! The weather was ideal - pretty much a cloudless sky throughout the day which was a scorcher in the city, but comfortable here on the mountain. A great turn out for our Brew Fest featuring our local flavorful microbrews and the music of Jenny Lee and the Menagerie. Social games of corn hole and bocce ball added to the conversation.

Enjoying brews on the deck at Mt. Hood Meadows
Playing corn hole on the deck at Mt. Hood Meadows

So many chair rides and guided hikers on the mountain - the wildflowers are in various stages of bloom and the water falls are still We also had overnight camping available in conjunction with the Brew Fest and the Double Mountain Brewer’s Dinner. Congrats to Chef Danny and the culinary team for the preparation and presentation of an awesome Dinner. Check out our other upcoming Twilight Dinners coming up in August and September!

Toasting at the Double Mountain Brewer's Dinner at Mt. Hood Meadows

As the sun set and the evening went to twilight, the scenic chair continued to run for riders to enjoy the spectacular sunset.

Magnificent evening views from the scenic chair at Mt. Hood MeadowsAs the first evening stars twinkled, star gazers assembled on the deck for hot chocolate and s’mores. Telescopes helped dial in the celestials bodies, and many used apps to identify the different constellations. The devices fell away as observers simply witnessed the twinkling stars and depth of the universe.

Evening s'mores after a great day on the mountain at Mt. Hood MeadowsIt was an incredibly engaging and enriching opening weekend at Meadows. And we have the rest of the summer to join us for a spectacular outing. Our scenic chair and hiking experience is offered from 10 AM - 4 PM Thursdays through Sundays and until sun set on Saturdays.

Check our events schedule for upcoming summer events at Mt. Hood Meadows!