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Mt Hood Meadows Gets Dynamic to Improve Overall Resort Experience

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A snowboarder lays out a carve on groomed corduroy at Mt. Hood MeadowsThe daily price of a lift ticket at Mt. Hood Meadows will be determined by market demand this season. Officials say the resort will implement Dynamic Pricing - similar to the way airline tickets and hotel rooms are priced and sold.

Meadows Chief Operating Officer Jake Bolland explains matching supply to demand will ultimately provide more affordable lift access options while presenting a better peak day experience. “A visit to Meadows is all about the experience – we strive to make every visit life enriching. We anticipate dynamic pricing will entice guests to visit during lower demand timeframes attracted by material pricing discounts. Conversely, pricing during peak time frames will increase which should spread out demand and visitation.” Bolland continues, “We will more effectively offer affordable pricing options while reducing peak day demand resulting in the guest experience we strive for at Mt. Hood Meadows.” Meadows adult tickets may start as low as $49 for midweek (off-peak) or $69 for peak days. As more tickets are purchased for a specific date that price will increase, eventually setting the price for that day at the ski area.

The tickets that will be Dynamically Priced are Adult (age 25 - 64); Young Adult (age 15 - 24); Junior (age 7 - 14); and Senior (age 65 - 74) seven-hour tickets. The Meadows website will display the pricing for these age groups in advance - the more that are purchased on a given day, the more the price will increase. Bolland says this will give guests the option of choosing what works for their schedule and budget while creating a more comfortable experience when visiting during peak demand time frames, stating “The myriad bargains available off-peak will shift many guests away from the peak time frames. Guests who have greater scheduling constraints as opposed to budget constraints will receive value in an overall improved resort experience.” Guests can better plan their visits, as they seek out the lower priced days which should more evenly distribute the crowds. “If I see one day is $49, and another day is nearly double that amount, I am more likely to make plans to go on that lower-priced day,” reasons Bolland.

How high will the lift ticket go to this season? Bolland isn’t yet sure, saying, “We’re a learning company, and we will learn a lot from the advance purchase and visitation patterns of our guests - although the expected range is likely $49 - $99. There is always lots to learn and we have great data capture systems to do so. While I am more concerned about the initial response and trepidation from our guests to potential sticker shock, I am confident this is the right move for Meadows (and Mt. Hood for that matter) to address peak day challenges. Over time I believe our guests will equate this change to our mission of enriching lives. and our goal to give everyone an improved Mt. Hood Meadows experience!”

Peak days historically have been during the Christmas holiday and weekends in January and February as well as the MLK Monday and President’s day holidays, when visitation to Mt. Hood is at its highest and available parking at the ski areas reach capacity. Meadows has implemented several initiatives including Park and Ride shuttles from Portland, a free peak day shuttle from Hood River and encouraging guests to carpool or ride share through Dynamic pricing is one more tool to address the peak day challenge.

Mt. Hood Meadows season passes are on sale now. The All Access Season Pass is significantly reduced in price (up to $300 off) when purchased by November 4. Those passes provide every day lift access the entire season and are not subject to Dynamic Pricing.

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