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Ryan Kaiser and Kristina TyrgstadSaari set the pace for the inaugural Wyeast Howl 50K

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Nearly 100 runners took on the Wy’east Howl Saturday - a 50K trail race that started near Parkdale and finished at Mt. Hood Meadows. The course gained over 8,000 vertical feet primarily on single track - 32 miles of running, with very little downhill relief.

Promoter Jeremy Long of Daybreak Racing described the course as a real uphill grind, with a climb right away from the Oak Ridge trail head, climbing up to Surveyor’s Ridge and following ridge lines to the south then finishing at Mt. Hood Meadows. The course presented spectacular views, although Saturday’s low overcast rather soupy weather didn’t allow for much viewing. Rain held off and the cool temperature kept the runners from overheating.

Men's podium at the Wy'east Howl

Ryan Kaiser of Bend, OR was the first to cross the finish line with a time of five hours, four minutes and 10 seconds (5:04:10). He was joined on the podium by Michael Nanaszko of Salem (5:10:55) and Ryan Mulnick of Portland (5:12:57).

Women's podium at the Wy'east Howl

Kristina Trygstad-Saari of Bozeman, MT had the fourth fastest overall time, and first for women - five hours, thirteen minutes and thirty-two seconds (5:13:32). She was joined on the podium by Rachel Drake of Portland (5:24:24) who had the 6th best overall time, and Felice Kelly of Portland (5:51:29) who finished 10th overall.

The organizers and competitors were stoked with the challenging course and overall vibe of the event, which is planned to be moved to July next year. Think a 50K trail run is challenging? Next year a 100K is being added to the event!


Wy'east Howl 50k trail run map with finish at Mt. Hood Meadows