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Favorable forecast for a possible Friday opening

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Mt. Hood Meadows on its preview day November 2018

Wednesday November 28 - Update
We are pleased to announce that Mt. Hood Meadows will be operating lifts this Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM – 4 PM each day.

Buttercup, Easy Rider, Daisy and the Carpet are scheduled, but our team is working on other lifts so there’s a possibility we’ll have more terrain by Friday, or over the weekend. The storm so far has dropped 5 inches and the forecast doesn’t have much more until Friday. We could get another 5 inches by Saturday.
We’re not ruling out additional lifts, but we won’t make that announcement until later. We will make a decision about possible daily operations beyond Sunday over the weekend.

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Meadows C.O.O. Jake Bolland is confident in the mountain team’s ability to get the mountain open, saying, “Forecasts can change, but what we see now is making us feel pretty good about a Friday opening. We will continue our snow harvesting efforts with the intention of opening more lifts than we had for our preview weekend. Ideally we’ll have a couple of high speed quads - Mt. Hood Express and Shooting Star added to our lift matrix. It is snow dependent, but we are determined to open as many lifts and as much terrain as conditions allow.”

Snow harvesting the day after Thanksgiving at Mt. Hood MeadowsMeadows demonstrated its snow harvesting capabilities last weekend, opening three lifts within 48 hours of receiving 20 inches of snow. “As forecast, if Tuesday’s rain doesn’t substantially deteriorate the snowpack, we’ll be able to build on our snow harvesting efforts from last week and open with even more terrain by Friday,” continued Bolland. “And if the snow allows us to have a good product for our guests, we’ll be able to continue with daily operations to get the season underway!”

Meadows has already scheduled a Kick Off Dinner, Party and Dance for Saturday, December 1. The dinner is a five course brewer’s dinner paired with Backwoods Brewing which starts at 5 PM, with reservations required. The party is free and will be presented at Vertical overlooking the base area from 5:30 - 8:30 PM with Counterfeit Hits providing the high energy vibe and danceable groove with hits from the 70s through today. Bolland expects a lot of snow dancing at the party, and, if the forecast holds true, a celebratory toast to the beginning of the season!

Season kick off party poster at Mt. Hood Meadows
The party and dance are free. But you'll need to make reservations for the dinner!

Season Kick Off Dinner