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MeadowsBest entries emote love for the mountain and the friends they share it with

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Randomly selected entries from the #MeadowsBest social media contest at Mt. Hood MeadowsThe collage above were our six random winners - each received a $50 gift card. While these were randomly selected, the message, sentiment and love for Meadows and the friends and family they ride with really shines!

Top Row
Samuel Smith: There's no time like snow time
Vincent Blaney: For the Kids!!!
Sadie Maeda: Shredding with the krazy kooks every weekend, especially POND SKIM DAY @ Mt. Hood Meadows

Bottom Row
Scott Bernstein:
 Almost snowboarding season? Where else can you snowboard across a long dressed as an alligator?
Susie Rose: @mthoodmeadows Mental health Soooo good to be spend time with you
Carolyn Hart: I ski with my kids, grandchildren and hopefully my great grandson soon, you're never too old to enjoy the snow. That’s my favorite reason for having a Mt Hood Meadows ski pass is that I’m always ready when the kids want to go

Our runners up each received $100 gift cards.

Aaron Krieger entry was runner up in the Mt. Hood Meadows #MeadowsBest contestAaron Krieger: From my singles-line ski days taking the bowls down the face; to introducing my, now, wife to snowboarding on the beginner runs, then shaping her love of the sport and getting her up Cascade Express; to continuing the tradition with our little shredder on Ballroom Carpet, I can’t imagine our winter base being anywhere but @mthoodmeadows. Stoked about sharing #meadowsbest with the best of my life for the rest of my life.

Becky Theisen entry was runner up in the Mt. Hood Meadows #MeadowsBest contestBecky Theisen: There’s a saying down here in the Valley that when it rains; it’s likely snowing on the mountain top. This keeps my spirits up in an otherwise dark and dreary winter. Skiing for me becomes an escape from Reality. An alternate universe where time doesn’t exist. The slopes and snow bring fireworks to my soul. The people you meet & friends you make are the powder on top of it all! Can not wait for the 2018-19 Season!

And our favorite submission winning a $300 gift card is:

Amanda Tipton's winning entry in the Mt. Hood Meadows #MeadowsBest contestAmanda Tipton: I’ve sat on this mountain, I’ve cried on this mountain, I’ve laughed on this mountain, I’ve fallen down this mountain and I’ve flown down this mountain. Most importantly I’ve conquered this mountain. This mountain has made me stronger as a person and as a skier. Memories of laughter, bruises, snowburn and waiting in lines with friends all made sweeter by the breathtaking views. This is why I’m a pass holder at Mt. Hood Meadows. So excited for ski season

A big THANK YOU to everyone who inspired us with their favorites reasons in our #MeadowsBest Social contest. We were stoked to see the energy and the passion for the upcoming season and we can’t wait for it to begin!