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Abandoned Snow Cave Found at Mt. Hood Meadows

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Avalanche rescue dog Enzo discovers a mysterious snow cave at Mt. Hood MeadowsFollowing Tuesday’s wild weather, a Mt. Hood Meadows avalanche rescue dog discovered a cave near the base area. Enzo uncovered a snow tunnel that led to an actual underground cave. The cave appeared to be abandoned, but may have been occupied recently.

Tree branches were arranged into a make shift bed, there was a dwindling supply of huckleberries that must have been harvested over the summer and a Mt. Hood Meadows trail map. There was also some fur left behind, which Meadows is sending out for DNA testing. Resort officials are not alarmed, but surprised that someone (or something) could have been potentially dwelling so close to the base area of the resort, undiscovered.

Avalanche rescue dog Enzo discovers some huckleberries left in a mysterious snow cave at Mt. Hood Meadows

The investigation continues.