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Fur sample DNA test results reveal identity of snow cave inhabitant

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DNA results matching fur sample to big foot at Mt. Hood Meadows 

Mt. Hood Meadows has received the DNA test results which has identified the fur samples found at the resort as “Homo sasquatchis” or Bigfoot – A primate found in temperate and coastal forests, forested mountain and woodland regions who prefers to live near rivers, lakes, or ponds. Meadows officials say, “While the test is a 98% match, we are confident that there is no “Big Foot” or large ape-like creature wandering around the permit area.” The resort has however added additional security to protect its huckleberries.

However, Meadows is seeking photos taken by guests that may have inadvertently captured a big foot around at the resort. And as a precaution, officials are also reaching out to a professional sasquatch seeker who has local knowledge of the habits and behaviors of the big hairy visitor. 

The investigation continues.