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Mountain Cam Captures Mystery Image in Fun Zone

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Mystery near the Ballroom Carpet at Mt. Hood MeadowsThe Mt. Hood Meadows base area camera picked up an unusual image overnight. The camera was conducting a routine auto configuration check, and as it was rotating around, it swept by what appears to be something large and hairy moving through the trees near the Ballroom Carpet Fun Zone. The image is obscured by trees but the object would be between five and seven feet tall and apparently capable of walking upright. Further investigation found large foot prints in the area. Resort officials are resisting speculation, and are waiting for the DNA test results of the fur found in a cave discovered at the resort earlier this week. 

The investigation continues.

Meanwhile, Meadows is ready for the holidays on this winter solstice - the shortest day of the year. The resort will be open daily from 9 AM - 9 PM for the holiday, except Christmas Even and New Year's Day when lifts run until 4 PM; and New Year's Eve when lifts run until after midnight. It's the time of year when there is almost as much riding under the lights, as there is riding in daylight. The resort expects a lot of nocturnal creatures to enlighten themselves during the holiday!