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Mt. Hood Meadows DPS Officer has a face to face encounter with a big, hairy, friendly creature

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Last evening while conducting rounds, Department of Public Safety officer Marcos encountered a large, hairy creature attempting to get in to the Huckleberry stash in the core kitchen. “I heard something in the kitchen, and when I walked in I saw it. Big eyes, and this smiling, friendly face, and he was hairy. And yes he has big feet. He was definitely after the huckleberries. I startled him, and he quickly dashed out of the kitchen. I called out to him and tried to follow him but lost his tracks in the storm. I hope he comes back. I had a sense he wanted to be friends, but was extremely shy and scared.”

Meadows' DPS is asking that if any guests should have such an encounter, please take a photo to compare against the police composite. Meadows is consulting with a Cryptozoologist and world famous Sasquatch seeker to find the friendly fella.

 The investigation continues.