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An Awesome Weekend of Enrichment Awaits with a Healthy Serving of Vitamin D

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A weekend filled with sunshine should bring everyone out of their homes and into the sunlight to recreate, explore, take an adventure and literally improve their overall mood and outlook. Boy is this well timed on the week that there are no NFL playoffs! 

We expect all lifts to be operating this weekend, for a mountain filled with fun. The forecast is for high pressure, clear skies with plenty of sunshine during the day. We’ll be laying down the corduroy top to bottom for some exceptional carving all weekend long in this blue bird weather. 

Be advised - sun block and eye wear are mandatory this weekend! We provide free sun block at Concierge and at our guest greeting station in front of the lodge. Now let’s talk about some other ways to make the most of this sunny weekend:

  1. Purchase or Reload your ticket media online through our dynamic ticket system.
 You’ll get the best price and speed up the transaction process for getting your ticket, or bypass the line completely and head to the lift on your reloaded media! [Purchase your Ticket]
  2. Reserve lessons and rentals online in advance. 
Meadows holiday reservation system is inventoried so if you make a reservation by noon the previous day, you’re assured having equipment or getting into adult or kid's lessons. You’re equipment will also be pre-teched, and you’ll reduce your time in the shop, bypassing the check-in and cashier and going directly to fitting your boots and picking up your equipment. [Reserve Lessons and Rentals
  3. Take Park and Ride from Portland
. Meadows Park and Ride has three Portland pick up locations and runs daily during the holidays (except Christmas day) dropping off right at the lodge. Purchase seats in advance online. [Reserve Your Park & Ride Seat]
  4. Peak Day Hood River Shuttle is FREE!
 The shuttles run every day from Hood River weekends in January and February and President's Day Monday holiday (2/18/19). It picks up at the Hood River Events Site with the first shuttle departing for Meadows at 7:30 AM (and then roughly every hour through the morning after that). First come, first seated. [Hood River Peak Day Shuttle]
  5. Get to HRM for Early Loads
. Hood River Express opens at 8:30 AM on weekends in January and February and President's Day Monday holiday (2/18/19). [Hours of Operation]
  6. Nordic Center open. 
It’s not all downhill at Meadows - our Nordic Center is open Thursdays through Mondays from 9 AM - 4 PM for cross country skiing. [Nordic Center]
  7. Snowshoe tours offered weekends in January and February. 
Looking for other ways to play in or on the snow? Take a snowshoe tour, hike to Umbrella Falls and perhaps to Sahalie Falls - a true winter wonderland! [Snowshoe Tours]
  8. Apres Ski Saturday at Vertical. Cascade Crescendo plays from 3 - 6 PM Saturday at Vertical. Plan to stay and listen to their original, high-energy bluegrass, jamgrass and Americana music, and avoid the bumper-to-bumper traffic that occurs on Hwy 35 South and Hwy 26 West roughly between 3 - 5 PM heading back to Portland.
  9. Plan your trip through Hood River. If you are leaving with everyone else at 4 PM, then you should take the less congested Hwy 35 route through Hood River. It will save you time and it is a beautiful drive along the Columbia River Gorge to make for a wonderful day!
  10. Any questions? - 
Meadows' website has all the information you need to plan your trip to the mountain. For current snow conditions, lift operations schedule and great insight into how to have the best time on the mountain this weekend!
Here are 15 ways sunshine’s Vitamin D can improve your health, according to:
1. Reduces Risk of Diabetes
2. Boosts Immunity
3. Prevents Vitamin D Deficiency
4. Reduces Certain Cancer Risks
5. Lowers Blood Pressure
6. Improves Your Mood
7. Improves Your Sleep
8. Promotes Weight Loss
9. Reduces Alzheimer’s Symptoms
10. Better Bone Health
11. Heals Skin Disorders
12. Promotes Eye Health
13. Cures Depressions
14. Improves Brain Function
15. Fights Seasonal Affective Disorder

See you on the mountain!