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Mt. Hood Meadows urges representatives to end the government shutdown

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Mt. Hood Meadows aerial view of the lodge entrance Mt. Hood Meadows CEO Matthew Drake today has requested U.S. Senators Wyden and Merkley, and Congressmen Walden and Blumenauer to resolve the government shutdown. In letters addressed to each, Drake said this absurd political impasse is negatively impacting the rural economies dependent on federal services and employment and is hurting dedicated USFS personnel.

While Mt. Hood Meadows and other ski area permittees on forest service land continue day-to-day operations, there are other ski areas on public lands that can’t even operate, such as Hurricane Ridge Ski Area in the Olympic National Park in Washington which has this message on its website, “Due to the current government shutdown we are unable to operate any part of the Hurricane Ridge Ski And Snowboard Area. That means no lifts or tubing or any access to the Ski And Snowboard Area until the federal government reaches an agreement on a budget.”

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Drake pointed out that even those ski areas that are operating are being negatively impacted by the shutdown, since, “We rely on the dedicated personnel of USFS - Mt. Hood National Forest to support our efforts to serve the public and implement the will of Congress.”

Here is the letter sent to U.S. Senators Wyden and Merkley; and Congressmen Walden and Blumenauer. You can click on their name to send them an email expressing your feelings about the shutdown and how it is affecting you. 

January 17, 2019

To our honorable representatives:

As you know, Mt. Hood Meadows Oreg., LLC is a fifty-one year old, Oregon-based company that is also a permittee of the US Forest Service.  We have a close partnership with USFS - Mt. Hood National Forest leadership and front-line personnel which is essential to our success.  From day-to-day operations at the resort, to NEPA project review, to execution of the congressional mandated Cooper Spur - Government Camp land exchange, we rely on the dedicated personnel of USFS - Mt. Hood National Forest to support our efforts to serve the public and implement the will of Congress.

The on-going government shutdown is negatively impacting our ability to implement approved projects that require USFS participation and/or oversight, and to complete the land exchange.  It also negatively impacts USFS employees, as they have gone without a paycheck for almost a month. The longer the shutdown goes on, the greater the risk that key front-line USFS-Mt. Hood National Forest may have to seek alternative employment opportunities.  This would negatively impact USFS administration of our Special Use Permit and compromise the financial sustainability of our company. The shutdown also negatively impacts local rural economies which have a higher percentage of federal employees than other areas.

We request that you do all that you can to encourage resolution of the absurd political impasse that has caused the government shutdown.


Matthew B. Drake
Chairman and CEO
Mt. Hood Meadows Oreg., LLC