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Sahale Building Construction Laying a Foundation for our Future

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Cement is being poured into foundation forms of the Sahale building at Mt. Hood MeadowsIt has been less than a month since ground was broken on Sahale - a 23,500 square foot building that will house a new restaurant, resort services and an events and activity center. Most of this first month’s activities has been digging the foundation and utility corridors for the building.

Bremik Construction workers direct cement into forms on the Sahale building project at Mt. Hood MeadowsWeather postponed Friday’s scheduled foundation pour (it snowed Friday), but today’s sunshine is ideal for the concrete work. A little over half of the foundation will be placed today, with forms being relocated for the remainder of the foundation placement next week.

A new web cam has been placed for recording the construction activity. Viewers should get used to seeing concrete trucks in the view - concrete wall pouring will continue for another month.

The Sahale Building web cam shows cement being poured into foundation forms of the building at Mt. Hood MeadowsWe’re pleased with the progress and pace of construction so far in phase one of the project. In fact, we are considering erecting the steel columns in phase one, rather than waiting until next summer as originally scheduled. This would improve the likelihood of the building being open by Christmas of 2020.