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Sahale Building Main Floor Concrete Poured

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Well before sunrise, crews from Bremik Construction readied the Sahale building for “pour day.” With rebar and forms set, the Brundage Boom telescoping boom pump was already in position, and a fleet of twenty concrete mixer trucks were in route for “The Pour.”

Over the next six hours truck after truck emptied its concrete into the boom hopper, and pumped to the proboscis-like arm, leaving a trail of newly deposited concrete. As lines were laid out, crew leveled out the furrow pushing and pulling with rakes while teams leveled the heavy mud mixture with metal bars. Then the surface was compacted and smoothed with a long-handled float and then a team troweled. The whole process took a crew of eighteen just under eight hours.

Even though the pour was delayed a week due to last week’s thundershowers, the project remains around a month ahead of schedule. Once the concrete sets, the next step is erecting the girders and beams, expected to arrive within the next ten days. The metal work was originally scheduled for next summer, so getting it done this year bodes well for plans to have Sahale open in December 2020.

The Pour: By the Numbers
Concrete trucks 20
People on crew 18
Square footage covered 11,000 SF
Cubic yards? Concrete 186 CY
Pour time – start to finish 6 hours plus a few hours of finishing