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The Shovel Song - 4 feet in 4 days and you're invited to join us!

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We have a saying at Mt. Hood Meadows - everybody shovels! It is one of the unifiers for our team and is especially true with such an active storm system going on. We’ve received four feet of snow since Friday and there’s snow forecast for the entire week!

We are shoveling to keep up with the storm. You may have noticed our loaders running continuous laps in our parking lots to make it easier for guests to depart at the end of the day. We highly advise you carry a shovel with you when heading to the mountain - it could help in freeing yourself from your parking space at the end of the day. It will also come in handy if you experience any mishap on the roadway to and from Meadows.

In fact, you should equip your vehicle for winter driving, even if you’re commuting around the metro areas this week. Looks like there could be some valley snow accumulation - hope you’re ready for it!

Winter car emergency kit when traveling to Mt. Hood Meadows