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Looking ahead to our next season

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Riding the Mt. Hood Express chair at Mt. Hood MeadowsWhile we are all hunkered down, it may seem absurd to be thinking about next season. We are in full support of staying home to save lives. Team members are working from home and those whose jobs require them to be at the ski area are following social distancing measures. And that’s what we all need to do for now.
But we also need to plan for the upcoming season - there will be a time, when it is appropriate, that we will be able to move more freely. We will want to recreate, to get some mountain time, to exercise and to rejuvenate. We don’t know what the timing will be, but we will be ready when it is time.

With that, we are making Value and All Access Passes for the 2020/21 season available for purchase on our website, as we always do on April 1. The irony of this date does not escape us - but this is what is normal, and we all have a need and desire for some normalcy in our lives. We have communicated to all of our current pass holders that they will receive a $100 discount off of next year’s season pass. Prices are the same as last season (no price increase) so those renewing will receive the same price as last year minus the $100 discount. [2019/20 Passholder Announcement]

We have reduced the cost of adding pass protection to just $10 and the pass protection / gear check combo has been reduced to $34. Pass protection covers you if your season is interrupted due to injury, a medical condition, relocation or job loss, so it’s a great investment as is the combo. This can be added on at time of purchase. [Pass Protection]

We heard your concerns and took it to heart. We understand this is a difficult time for many and you may not be in the position to make this purchase at this time.  So we have moved the early season price deadline from May 31 to November 8.  Yes - that means you can wait until November 8 to get the early season price and apply your $100 discount if renewing. We want you to feel totally comfortable purchasing your pass at Meadows.

September 2 Update: We are limiting the amount of New All Access Passes for the 2020/21 season. The All Access Add on prices have increased as of September 2, and they will be available on a first-purchased basis until we reach the limit. The New Value Pass price has not changed, only adding All Peak Day Access has increased. This does not affect 2019/20 pass holders who are renewing their passes - they still have until November 8 to renew and add on at the pre-November 8 price; and the $100 discount offered for renewal still applies through November 8.

Let’s talk through some scenarios though as nobody knows how the viral threat will play out and what social distancing measures, if any, may still be in place by next season.

First, Value and All Access Season Passes include our 100 Day Guarantee - we will operate a high speed quad at least 100 days next season. If not, for every day less than 100 a high speed quad operates, we will provide that much of a credit towards the next season’s pass purchase. So if the season is delayed and we fall short of 100 days, you’re covered by the guarantee. Worst case, if we’re not able to operate at all, those who purchase a Value or All Access pass will receive full credit for a pass the next (2021/22) season.

There’s also a scenario where social distancing would require us to limit attendance on any given day, such as not being able to shuttle, so attendance would be limited to parking in our main and HRM lots. If we get into the fall and social distancing measures look like they may still be in force, we would limit the amount of season passes we sell accordingly. While we would try to give as much advance notice as possible, we would need to make this decision based on the best data available at the time.

Hopefully, we will have a normal season next year. We are all making great sacrifices now to reduce the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. At the appropriate time we will institute social distancing measures to allow us to operate in a responsible way, with the health and wellbeing of our team and guests in mind.

And then, we will have a season.

2020/21 Season Pass