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A Message from our Team to YOU

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It’s been more than two months since the Stay at Home requirements brought our season to a halt. So our team wanted to share with you what they’ve been doing to prepare for next winter, what we’re optimistic about and what we are most looking forward to once we return to operations.

We want to thank all of you for your support as we prepare for next season. Oregonian’s compliance with the Stay at Home order has reduced infection spread in our state. That is awesome and it gives us great optimism for next season. But please, stay vigilant, the virus is still as deadly as ever.

And we want to thank our pass holders for hanging with us. Your heart-felt expressions of love and support for our team and for our company have been received and shared. Thank you! (2019/20 Pass Holder Information)

May 31 traditionally marks the deadline for getting your best price on next year’s pass, however, this year we moved that decision date back to November 8. You don’t have to purchase or renew now to get the best price.

For those that do purchase by May 31, we are offering a free Passholder Bonus Package to show our appreciation. As our team shares with you in the video, we will be working hard this summer to prepare the resort for your return next winter. We are driven to provide you with uplifting experiences that connect you with the mountain, in a safe and responsible way. (Purchase or Renew for the 20/21 season)

Onward - to the next season!