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Cody Howe and Josey Rice Receive Leadership Awards

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Mt. Hood Meadows’ managers and directors gathered last week to award two team members with annual leadership awards. The event was held on the South Lode Deck with appropriate social distancing for those that could attend, and shared through Zoom for others to join in remotely.

The President’s Award was presented to Lift Operations Manager Cody Howe who was recognized for the efforts he led to improve the overall lift maze experience at Meadows, including implementing the “Quad Squad” effort to maximize seating on lifts. Cody was praised by peers for being a leader when it comes to the safety and wellness of his team but also an innovator. Cody regularly comes up with ways to elevate standards, improve processes and find solutions to age old problems. He is an inspiration and makes it fun for his team through great training and communication. The award was presented via Zoom by VP of Mountain Operations Mel Toney.

The Franklin G. Drake leadership award was presented to Josey Rice, the Learning Center Daily Lessons Manager, and Summer Operations Manager. Josey was credited for taking concepts and putting together a plan, and then successful execute on it. Her cross departmental organizing of the summer operations experience demonstrated her ability to manage up to present Meadows’ most successful summer in history. Josey helped champion the development and integration of the company’s new human capital management system making it an effective tool for the Meadows Learning Center. The award was presented by VP of Resort Operations Jeremy Riss, HR Director Lara Yeats, Learning Center and Training Manager Tyler Barnes and Director of Resort Services Chris Kastner.