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Tour Sahale with our CEO

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CEO Matthew Drake takes you on a tour of the new Sahale building. The walk-through took place Saturday, June 13 and provides a progress report on the 23,000-square-foot building, which is scheduled to open this December. The building will house our new equipment rental center and Meadows Learning Center on the first floor, and a 10,000-square-foot dining and meeting space on the second floor.

  • (00:30) - Skybridge connection to the South Lodge building, window installation and the building will be in the dry in the next two weeks. Innovative ARCIS concrete panel system that will cover the building. Roof will be completed in the next three weeks.
  • (01:20) - Entry lobby will feature a series of screens and monitors with a significant amount of wayfinding. The building provides a maximum amount of light exposure, engaging the outdoors in an indoor environment.
  • (02:10) - Rentals and Ski School sign-in area streamlined to facilitate online advance check-in or day-of registration. The boot fitting area will feature a ramp where staff will be able to provide a more comfortable boot fit. A locker room allows guests to store items, pick up their helmet, and head outside to pick up their pre-teched skis and head to the lifts.
  • (05:00) - Children’s Learning Center is a spacious accommodation for arts and crafts, play areas, and preparing the kids for their on-snow experience. The center has private bathrooms.
  • (06:30) From the South Lodge Deck you can enter Sahale through the Alpenstube entrance and right through the Skybridge, which will have glass on both sides and connects on level two to allow skier traffic to access the slope from the parking lot.
  • (07:10) Wildflowers Cafe will celebrate the indigenous wildflower species at Mt. Hood Meadows and serve up hot and cold beverages and snack items. It will welcome guests to level two in Sahale.
  • (07:40) Sahale will be served by a two-stop elevator that travels between level one and level two.
  • (08:00) Sahale main dining area is called the Waterfall Room, with seating for about 200 guests. A glass wall allows for excellent viewing of the slopes. An exterior deck with a snowmelt system provides more seating outdoors. Sahale will have restrooms on both the second and first levels, providing a dramatic increase in capacity at the resort.
  • (09:30) Sahale Grill scramble will provide a diverse array of fresh-made menu items. Guests select their items and then pay at checkout to expedite the serving process. The kitchen tour includes a pizza oven from Italy, grill cooking area with tremendous capacity for preparing our new menu items.
  • (11:10) Bullwheel Bar will feature the old Mt. Hood Express bullwheel over its entrance and the bar space will celebrate the chairlift and what it takes to operate on Mt. Hood. There’s additional seating in the bar, there's a fireplace, and there are pass-through service windows to the deck and towards the Sahale Grill to reduce serve time.
  • (13:30) The dining area will have a combination of table seating and soft chairs and features a fireplace and a mountain view.
  • (14:15) The mezzanine is called Raptors Roost to celebrate the raptor population on Mt. Hood. It will be used for meetings and social events with additional seating and great views.
  • (14:50) A view overlooking Sahale shows the butterfly / flat roof designed to hold the snow, melt it, and channel the runoff into a rain garden to filter the water. The flat roof also solves the problem traditional pitched roofs create with snow shedding.
  • (16:50) View of where the main stair case providing access to Sahale and a description of how the settling pond and rain garden will work to filter snow melt before releasing to the wetlands.
  • (18:30) Thanks for taking the tour - we’re making great progress and are on schedule for the building to be operational the first week of December.
  • (19:00) We want you to celebrate Meadows as Your Mountain Home -- to be a place of discovery and healing for yourself and with family and friends.