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Thanksgiving Messages from our family to yours

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As we gear up to open Monday, we take this time to share some Thanksgiving thoughts with you. Thanks to those team members willing to share - many are working hard today and through this weekend to assure we have a magnificent opening in such an extraordinary year.

As a company, we are thankful for our team that has worked so hard in preparing for this season. They've re-envisioned how to care for and serve our guests during a pandemic. And while we will put these practices to test with our opening, we are so grateful to our team for caring enough to put these measures into place.

We also send a thanks out to all of our guests - pass holders and mountain enthusiasts - for their patience in getting the season underway. For understanding that starting off right is more important than starting off fast; and sharing our desire to have a long and sustained season which will be measured by how we finish, not how we start.

We thank our team and our guests for taking the precautions to protect themselves, their family and each other from getting sick.

We are thankful for the snow we have received thus far, and the expertise and drive from our mountain teams to make the most of it. We are so looking forward to starting the season this Monday.

Robert Linter once said, “Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.” It is our wish that this spirit of Thanksgiving and gratitude, that this impulse to look out for one another lasts well beyond this day of Thanksgiving.

We are grateful to you for making this season happen.

Your Mountain Home Family