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Our first weekend of the season: What you need to know and how you can help

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Gorgeous Spring-like day with mid-winter conditions video from Saturday

We’ve had a great first week of operations here at Meadows and we’ve learned a lot about operating this resort during a pandemic. And while we are all looking to get back to normal, it is important that we all recognize that COVID-19 is a serious public health threat that can affect our ability to operate. The way we all behave in looking out for and protecting one another will determine how much of a season we will be able to enjoy. So here’s things that you need to know about our first busy weekend - and how you can help make it fun and safe for everyone.

First and foremost - Face Masks correctly worn snugly covering both your mouth and nose are required in parking lots, on shuttles, in lift lines, on chairlifts, indoors at all times and at outdoor locations when you can’t maintain six feet of distance from those not in your party. Masks, social distancing and hand sanitizing are still the three primary ways to reduce infection spread.
  1. Pass holders do not need a reservation, including last year’s pass holders who did not renew. You can take last year’s RFID media direct to lift. All lift tickets, lessons or rentals must be purchased online in advance. No day-of tickets are available.
  2. All pass and lift ticket media is issued outside at the main ticket building in the base area, and at the HRM outside ticket windows. Guest Services and Pass Holder services have been moved to these locations this season, so there is no reason to go into the lodge.Guest services and pass holder services have been moved outside to ticket windows this season at Mt. Hood Meadows
  3. Our ticket windows open at 8 AM and have a queuing line from which you are called to the next available window. This is where you can have pass or ticket media issued - please wear your mask and spread out.
  4. Don’t approach the lift mazes until after 8:30 AM (or until our team invites you into the maze). We need time to build out the enlarged lift mazes. Please enter only at the designated entrances - don’t duck ropes - it’s the same rule as anywhere else on the mountain. We are using ghost lanes to separate groups laterally. FACE MASKS REQUIRED at all times in lift mazes and on the chairlift. Face masks are required along with appropriate social distancing in lift lines at Mt. Hood Meadows
  5. If you arrived together - ride together. Try to form groups of three or four. If you’re comfortable riding with a party you don’t know, feel free to ask or invite. If you’re not - no worries. However...
  6. Expect longer lift lines due to less than full chairs, ghost lanes and social distancing. Continue to wear your face mask appropriately, and don’t crowd others - give them space. We appreciate your patience.
  7. Equipment is not allowed in our lodges this season. Please take equipment to the snow side of the lodge and place in the added ski racks we have there. The exception is the basement floor of the South Lodge for Season Locker holder access, and the Daycare snout access to the HPC for ski tuning/repair. Lessons meet on the snow at the ski school meeting area outside the new Sahale Lodge at Mt. Hood Meadows
  8. We will sell to-go food, but eating will not be allowed inside. Indoor restrooms are available, but guests are asked to limit themselves to 10 minutes in the lodge at a time.
  9. Limited seating is allowed at designated outdoor eating areas on the Sahale Deck, South Lodge Deck, in between North and South Lodge Skybridge Deck and at the Mazot. The outside seating areas are intended for guests to eat their grab-and-go and takeout food and beverages, and we appreciate you respecting our 30-minute time limits so everyone has a place to eat. We also encourage those picnicking to use their vehicle as their lodge.
  10. We expect the weekend to be busy - so once the main lot is filled, please use the expanded dropoff zones in front of the flags to drop off passengers. Then the driver can proceed to a remote lot to be shuttled up. This will greatly reduce the number of people needing to be shuttled. Face masks are required and we have reduced seating to accommodate social distancing on the shuttles. Dress warm - the windows will be open on our shuttles.
  11. Consider getting your turns in and taking off, rather than spending the whole day. Riding for two or three hours and then departing leaves room for others.
  12. While we’ve limited day ticket sales for the weekend, our parking lots could still reach capacity. We’ll queue cars on the Hood River access road as we have done in the past to wait for vacating spaces. Again, we appreciate your patience as we assist you in getting you parked as quickly as possible.

Early season shredding at Mt. Hood MeadowsIt's been a great opening week - and thanks to the high pressure system, we expect to have our upper lifts operating this weekend based on the forecast. This really helps spread people out on the mountain - but everyone still needs to do their part to socially distance themselves while enjoying the mountain. Let's take care of each other, so we can enjoy a long and healthy season here at Meadows!