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Sharing our mountain and caring for each other this holiday season

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Skier on a ridge line with a setting sun in mid December at Mt. Hood MeadowsAs we approach the holiday season, we know many can’t wait to get to the mountain. It is your escape mentally and physically - it is your gym. We look forward to providing this much needed experience - let’s face it, we all need the physical and emotional break. That’s why we’re asking all of our guests to be conscientious and share Meadows with others.

Our plans for operating were based on historical patterns and behaviors, and we modeled our visitation management on them. That way, we can serve the greatest amount of people, while respecting our targeted visitation numbers. But our mountain does have limitations, such as parking spaces, uphill capacity, and even outdoor dining accommodations. And so, in the holiday spirit, we appeal to our guests to think of others while recreating at Meadows.

Please be considerate of others that we are sharing the mountain with. This means:

  • Giving each other space at the lift lines
  • Observing and respecting the indoor capacity signage
  • Sharing outdoor dining space - limiting their time to the allotted 30 minutes and only for those who have purchased
  • Giving space on shuttle buses and in the queuing lines
  • Being considerate of those who are arriving for the noon and 2 PM shifts. Once you’ve got your turns in, head out to make room for others coming in
  • If Meadows reaches parking capacity, don't park in other Sno-Parks, such as Teacup - leave room for others who want to cross country ski or snowshoe. There is no shuttling service to these Sno-Parks, and hiking is dangerous

Think of Meadows as your fitness and meditation center. Come on up, get your workout, spend time reflecting, gain some insight, and then head back down the mountain refreshed. Make room for others who are in need of this same enrichment.

We thank all those who are putting others first while protecting themselves by wearing face masks properly at all times in our parking lots, lodge and deck areas, in lift lines and on the lifts. Let’s take this spirit of caring for each other another step when planning our time on the mountain.

Together, we can make this a fun, safe, and enriching season -- for everyone.