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Appreciating our awesome team

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Normally at this time of year, we invite all of our team members to a night of appreciation - with an hour or two of evening lift rides, a fantastic buffet feast, beverages, a massive giveaway of prizes and presentations of appreciation. It is truly one of the best events we do at Meadows.

But this season is different. COVID measures prevent these large, social gatherings. So we took to Zoom and had a socially responsible appreciation event to recognize the efforts of our team. It was fun and it did focus on the company-wide, departmental and individual contributions and sacrifices that have been made to make this season happen.

We’ve asked a lot of our team this season - primarily to act and behave in a way that protects themselves and others from catching or spreading COVID; both at and away from the resort. In addition to mask wearing and social distancing, that means no group social gatherings, or the usual hanging out with each other after work. We’ve suspended the mountain exchange program and have asked team members to respect the quarantine period if traveling to other states before coming back to work. These are big commitments and sacrifices made by our team, so that we can continue to offer the much-needed outdoor recreation experience for our guests.

We continue to be committed to the 3Ws and 3Cs to prevent infection spread. And we are so looking forward to a time when we can meet on the mountain and share unmasked smiles with each other, gather together, high five and hug, once we get beyond COVID. But until then, we celebrate and appreciate the efforts of our awesome team!

Like Duke Ellington said, “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” And our team - is the best!

General Manager Greg Pack kicked off the Zoom meeting with praise and a toast.

“Tonight is about celebrating our team's success during this unique season. I am proud of what we have accomplished and how we did it. We kept an open mind going into this year, as we knew our operations would need to be adjusted, and you have responded amazingly well. By being part of this team, you are providing a much-needed outlet to our guests, who are desperately in need of recreation. We can build upon this successful start of the season and carry this energy and commitment to the end.

“Guest comments overall have been incredible and are giving our team high marks. They have shared their appreciation for our efforts in providing skiing and riding for them. We have also been mentioned as a model for other resorts to follow and had other resort GM’s say they wish they would have made the decisions we made. I am so proud of this team and cannot thank you enough for your hard work to make this season a success.

“So for a toast:
It's not as bad a world
As some would like to make it;
But whether it's good or bad,
Depends on how you take it.
To the team we put ahead of everything
Thank you for what you do and what you bring.”

We hope you join us in praising, appreciating and celebrating our awesome team in this most unique of all seasons.