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Thanking our guests for caring about our team

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Sunrise from the top of the Mt. Hood Express at Mt. Hood MeadowsWe are so very thankful to our guests for helping us sustain our season. By masking up, spreading out, being patient and following our safety protocols, we’ve made it a quarter of the way through this season. We are grateful to all those who are following our COVID operational plan - it shows you care about protecting yourself, our team, other guests and our season.

We also appreciate you taking precautions to protect yourself from COVID when you are away from the ski area. Don’t take this the wrong way - we’re not going all big brother on you. As members of the ski and snowboard community, we are genuinely concerned about your health and wellbeing, as we are for our team members. We are all part of Our Mountain Home family.

Oregon and Washington, generally, are faring better than other parts of the country, but the COVID infection rate is on the rise and there’s a lot of virus circulating out there. We appreciate you taking the personal precautions of distancing, mask wearing and hand washing in your daily routines. Our collective goal is to keep the virus out of the resort, so that we can sustain operations through the season.

What we have stressed with our team, and share with you now, is to make wise choices to protect yourself and those around you from catching COVID. And if you are partaking in high risk activities or behaviors without the proper masking / distancing precautions, then consider quarantining before you make a return to the mountain. Why take the chance of exposing others to this disease, the ramifications of which could include us not being able to operate?

The State of Oregon is advising that you not travel, but if you do, to quarantine for 14 days upon your return (10 days if symptom-free). We want you to consider this if you decide to travel - please take every precaution to protect yourself from infection, and quarantine before returning to Meadows.

And we also would appreciate you just staying home if you or anyone in your household has any cold or flu-like symptoms. A cough, fever or shortness of breath, even if the symptoms are mild, means stay at home. Here’s a great step-by-step guide from Johns Hopkins (and a great video on what to do if you feel sick).

Our goal is the same as yours - to continue to offer and enjoy this healthful, outdoor recreational experience for the whole season. But that will only be possible if we all do our parts and act responsibly.

Thank you for keeping us all healthy!