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EARTH deserves more than a DAY

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Earth Day conversation on Facebook at Mt. Hood MeadowsDays turn to weeks turn to months turn to seasons turn to years turn to decades turn to centuries turn to eons ….

Did you know that the geologists date the rock that makes up Mt. Hood to be 500,000 years old? Mt. Hood Meadows has been around only for just over 50 years of that time - the documented ascents of Mt. Hood go back less than 200 years. The earlier humans in North America date back just 13,000 years ago. In geological time, we as a species seem relatively insignificant. But our collective footprint is taking a toll on our planet, evidenced by receding glaciers, polar ice melt, rising temperatures and extreme weather.

We’re glad to see the traditional Earth Day has been extended to Earth Week. We envision a time when Earth Day is everyday, and contemplating the potential damage our daily choices cause will be considered before those actions are taken.

We recognized Earth Day with a candid conversation with the National Ski Area Association’s Director of Public Policy Geraldine Link, the Gorge Region’s Citizens’ Climate Lobby Bernard Seeger and Meadows Sustainability Manager Heidi Logosz. We talked about what our industry and ski areas generally have been doing to curb contributing to climate change. And we laid out actions you can take to steer the course of our nation to be more earth-friendly. We hope you join in the conversation, and make the small changes that collectively, will have a big impact.

The planet we save will be our own.

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