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Faces of Meadows: Karen the Dancing Lifty

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Meet Karen Lasher - also knows as “The Dancing Lifty”.

Karen came to Meadows last season and this season she is the “Maze and Mask Control Lead” at Mt. Hood Express - our busiest and most guest-engaged lift. It’s the perfect venue for Karen - who loves this mountain and the people who play here. She is one of the most recognized Meadows team members - partly because of her outgoing personality and assertive approach to managing the lines. But what catches everyone’s attention is her dancing. She is “The Dancing Lifty”.

It’s something that comes naturally to her - in other words - she does this all the time and saw no reason to stifle the urge to move to music. She creates a great vibe - playing a custom playlist, energizing the queue, having fun and keeping things moving. Karen is naturally called to the mountain - she has a background in hospitality, even had her own restaurant - but working at Meadows rekindled her love for skiing and this truly is her mountain home. Her decision to start a career as a lifty was something outside of her comfort zone and she wanted to do something non-traditional.

Let’s say she has definitely found her groove enriching the lives of our guests here at Mt. Hood Meadows!