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2021-22 Season Pass Prices Reflect Successful Visitation Management Plan

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Snowboard slashes corduroy at Mt. Hood Meadows Richard Hallman photoMt. Hood Meadows season passes for the 2021-22 season are now available on the resort website. Resort officials recommend purchasing early, as prices will increase and eventually be cut off as passes are sold.

VP of Resort Operations Jeremy Riss says the visitation management lessons learned from last season will be used this year, saying, "We are very pleased with the approach we took last season to forecast peak day visitation based on All Access Pass sales. For this season, we are modeling other non-date specific passes such as the 5 and 10 Time Passes to determine the optimal number of passes to advance sell. We will manage these numbers through dynamic pricing (prices increase as more passes are sold), and eventually by cutting off the sales of those products."

Meadows is encouraging the purchase of the Value Pass, which provides every day access, but not until 2 PM on the peak weekends and holidays. This pass, along with day-parting of advance sale lift tickets, helped spread out visitation on peak days last season, effectively reducing the number of people riding lifts at peak times, by spreading their arrival to later in the day or to off-peak days through reduced pricing. Meadows will utilize this same dynamic pricing approach to manage the number of passes it will sell this season.

VP of Sales and Marketing Dave Tragethon advises purchasing passes early, noting, "Demand for passes is at an all time high. Passes sold by our May 31 early season deadline nearly tripled any previous season. We will increase pricing as passes are sold, and remove certain pass products so we can better manage the overall experience for our guests this season at Meadows."

Here are pass prices as of June 25, 2021 (subject to change:)


Value Pass*

All Access Upgrade


 Senior (age 65-74)
 $379  $350  $729
 Adult (age 25-64)
 $479  $410  $889
 Young Adult (age 15-24)
 $240  $599
 Junior (age 7-14)
 $259 $150

*The Value Pass provides every day access, all season long, but on Peak Days, it isn't valid until 2 PM. Peak Days are December 22 through January 2, Saturdays and Sundays during January through March 6, Presidents Day and MLK Day.

Specialty Passes on Sale for a Limited Time

Meadows 5 Time and 10 Time Passes are being offered again for this season, although there will be a very limited supply. Last season, the passes were made available for renewal only, and no new passes were sold. This season, a very limited amount of these "any day - non-date specific" passes are available.

Tragethon says, "The 5 and 10 Time Passes have great value - they are direct-to-lift passes, with no blackout dates or times. For example, the daily use of a 10 Time Pass will be about half the price of a full price daily lift ticket, offering a great deal and convenience."


Price (as of 6/25/21)

 5 Time Pass (any 5 days / non-transferable)
 10 Time Pass (any 10 days / non-transferable)
 Beginner Progression Pass Package**
 Night Pass (2-9 PM during night operations)

**Beginner Progression Pass Package grants all-day access to varied first-time, beginner, and intermediate terrain for plenty of room to advance in the sport. The pass includes The Ballroom Carpet and Fun Zone beginner area, as well as the following chair lifts: Buttercup, Daisy, Easy Rider and Vista Express; and three (3) two-hour group lessons and unlimited daily rental of Mt. Hood Meadows' Rossignol ski and snowboard equipment.

Last season, Meadows experienced an increase in night skiing, as the management plan spread visitation to later arrivals. Night Passes were actually curtailed last season. The pass, which is normally not made available until November, is being offered early this season. The resort generally moves to its night operations schedule from mid-December into March, extending the daily 9 - 4 schedule to 9 PM Wednesdays through Sundays. The Night Pass is valid from 2 - 9 PM for night operations.

These pass products can be purchased now in our online store.