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A hint of winter in the air is noticeable

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Top of Heather Cam at Mt. Hood MeadowsThere's been a gradual change in the weather over the past week or so. Overnight temps have dipped into the 30s and we've had a few rain showers, bringing some welcome relief to what has been a pretty hot summer. It was just a couple months ago that temps reached 117 in Portland.

We're also noticing an increase in pass sales, possibly brought on by this hint of winter. This is a great time to remind you that season passes are dynamically priced this season and prices will be increased until we reach our limit. With dynamic pass increases and limitations, there is no longer a fall deadline - so we want you to plan accordingly. If having peak day access to Meadows is important to you, we advise you purchase early to get the best price and to assure that the product is available.

And for those who already have your pass - there's still a little over a week left to enjoy our summer operations. Your pass grants access to the Stadium summer scenic chair - and there are all kinds of awesome trails to hike. We have a fundraiser for the Oregon Humane Society Saturday (Mutts on the Mountain) and two more Friday night movies on the deck - Dirty Dancing tonight and the original Parent Trap September 3.

We hope you come visit us this summer (Thursdays - Mondays through Labor Day) and we look forward to seeing you on the mountain this winter.