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Facemasks covering mouth and nose are required to enter our lodges

Categories: COVID Guest Connection

Masks are required to enter lodges or ride shuttles at Mt. Hood MeadowsAs we gather more data about Omicron - the latest COVID19 variant - we want to remind all our guests that a correctly worn mask is required to enter a building, or to ride a shuttle. We’re just facing (literally) too many people who are walking in maskless or wearing them incorrectly. We really are beyond the timeframe that we should be reminding people to put the mask on before entering. And we need every guest to prepare in advance and make sure they actually have a mask on them to put on. Leaving it at home or in the car is not an excuse. We’re two years into this pandemic - wearing a mask should be second nature, especially here in Oregon where indoor mask mandates have been in effect throughout the pandemic.

Not carrying a mask with you at all times is not only mindless - it’s dangerous. You’re putting yourself and others at risk of transmitting or acquiring COVID. The longer we keep passing it around to each other, the longer we will have to endure these public safety measures preventing us from getting back to normal.

We’ve come a long ways - and we want to thank all those who have been following protocols, masking up every time when entering our buildings or riding on our shuttles, and most importantly, getting vaccinated. That is the most effective way to curb serious cases of COVID while being able to do things like skiing and snowboarding.

You’re aware we are not requiring masks at our lifts - but we encourage every guest to assess their own risk when it comes to mask wearing even outdoors. You are going to be around other people while in a lift line or riding a chair. The mask is optional outdoors, but something you may want to consider when you are around others.

But to be clear, a correctly worn facemask is required whenever you enter a lodge or ride a shuttle. Thank you for your cooperation.