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Thank You for Another Great Summer

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Receding snows in late summer on Mt. Hood. Photo by Ben Mitchell.

We've officially come to the end of Summer Operations for the 2022 season at Mt. Hood Meadows, and wanted to say thank you to everyone who was able to make it up for some fun in the sun on the mountain!

People hanging out on the Sahale deck during the Summer Brew Fest
Guests enjoy a sunny afternoon on the Sahale deck during the Summer Brew Fest. Photo by Ben Mitchell.

The 2022 season marked a full return to summer offerings at Meadows, with the 2021 event schedule reduced due to COVID precautions, and the 2020 season canceled entirely. We were super stoked to bring back Daycare (which will continue into the fall), Mountain Summer Camps, and our Summer Brew Fest for the first time since 2019! Additionally, we were happy to host the Mt. Hood Trail Games, which was a new event run by Daybreak Racing. It is scheduled to be held at Meadows again next season on September 9 & 10, 2023. Daybreak Racing has also revamped the Wy'east Howl as the Wy'east Trailfest, which will be held at Meadows July 21, 22, & 23, 2023.

People going take a Scenic Chair Ride in the summer over Ram's Head
Guests enjoy a Scenic Chair Ride on Stadium Express as it crosses above Ram's Head. Photo by Ben Mitchell.

Heavy and late spring snows meant there was still a decent amount of snowpack left at the start of our summer season at Meadows, which impacted higher elevation hiking trails for the first few weeks, and also delayed the appearance of wildflowers in the meadows, but the temperatures soon heated up, the wildflowers came out in all their glory, and the snowmelt made for some incredible waterfalls. The lingering snows also did not impact the turnout for our first event of the season, SOLVE's Mountain Cleanup, which nearly 300 people registered for! Thank you once again for your passion in keeping Mt. Hood beautiful. We were also fortunate that the snowpack has kept us out of drought throughout the summer, and subsequently, impacts from wildfire were minimal (please note that wildfire danger is still extreme in the Mt. Hood National Forest, which means no campfires allowed).

For a week-by-week recap of featured hiking trails at Mt. Hood Meadows, visit our Summer Blog.

Mt. Hood and a field of Western pasqueflowers with the Buttercup lift overhead on a sunny day
Mt. Hood and Western pasqueflowers. Photo by Ben Mitchell.

Whether you showed up for a wildflower or waterfall hike, Scenic Chair Ride, grabbed some food or beer from the Paradise Grill, had a child attend Daycare or a Summer Camp, spent the night in your RV in the main lot, enjoyed live music and games on the deck, or had fun at one of our Mushroom Hunts, Movies on the Deck, culinary tours, dinners, or other special events –– thank you! We look forward to hopefully seeing you back up at the mountain again in 2023 for some more fun. In the meantime, watch our Summer page for updates on next season!