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Safety Rule 9 - Do not use lifts or terrain when impaired by alcohol or drugs

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Responsibly enjoying the atmosphere on the outdoor deck at Mt. Hood Meadows

Your Responsibility Code # 9

Do not use lifts or terrain when impaired by alcohol or drugs.

This new guideline was added to Your Responsibility Code to emphasize the importance of not riding under the influence. Staying safe in the mountains requires situational awareness, maintaining control, and making many good decisions. We know that alcohol and drugs can cloud awareness, slow down reaction time, and lead to poor decision making. The Canadian Alpine Responsibility Code and many state skier statutes have contained language warning against riding while impaired. Now Your Responsibility Code has adopted clear guidance on this topic: don’t ride when impaired.

Be prepared, stay alert, and quit before you crash for the safest and most enjoyable alpine resort experience. Leave the spirits and smoke for afterwards, and for a safe and legal place.

Dining in the Alpenstube restaurant at Mt. Hood MeadowsMt Hood Meadows operates on leased US Forest Service land within the state of Oregon. We have MHM rules, Hood River county ordinances, OR state laws, and federal laws that intersect here. Let’s review some details:

  • No alcohol and no smoking allowed in lift lines or on lifts.
  • No smoking inside or within 25 feet of lodge doors.
  • Only alcohol served by MHM’s restaurants is allowed within MHM lodges, decks and outside seating areas. Adult drinks should stay within the establishment that served them.
  • No visibly intoxicated person will be served alcohol.
  • Cannabis, though legal in Oregon, is not legal on the federal land that MHM leases. Cannabis is therefore not permitted at MHM according to federal law.
  • Unsafe behavior by intoxicated guests may result in pass suspension and possible removal from premises.
  • Individuals must monitor their own consumption. Guests should not ride lifts or use terrain when impaired by alcohol or drugs. If you shouldn’t drive, you also shouldn’t ski or ride. 

Be smart this winter. Ski, ride and drive sober. Celebrate and recreate responsibly.