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Welcome to Turns for Tenants - We are now accepting landlord application for the 2022-23 winter season

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Incentives FAQ


Rental Property: residence at which tenants can live, typically under one postal address. Can be made up of one or many units - examples include a house, apartment, mobile home, land or property with hookup space or spaces for RVs, studio, ADU separate or adjacent to the main house. For example, a duplex is two residences, since they are two unique addresses. A house with an RV hookup in the back is one residence because of being under one address.  

Unit: a single unit within a residence that can be used by an individual or household to eat, sleep and live. The unit can be in any type of residence, such as a house, apartment or mobile home, and may also be a single unit in a group of rooms. For example, each room in a two-bedroom home is considered one unit.

Primary Incentive: choice of one: a) Ten (10) unassigned, restricted day tickets or b) One (1) Value Pass for one individual

Secondary Incentive: three (3) unrestricted day tickets

T4T List: list that includes rental and landlord contact info that is made available to qualified Mt. Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur Employees and candidates who have committed to a job at either location.


Program Guidelines

The Turns for Tenants (T4T) program is a community-based housing initiative that provides incentives for local homeowners and landlords to list available rentals to Mt. Hood Meadows (MHM) and Cooper Spur Mountain Resort (CSMR) employees. This program benefits both local area landlords and homeowners and MHM/CSMR employees. It provides an incentive to local area landlords and homeowners to list their available rental to MHM and CSMR employees. In turn, it encourages the affordability and accessibility of local housing to MHM and CSMR employees.


Qualified landlords and homeowners who advertise their rental with T4T and then rent to a full-time MHM/CSMR employee while fulfilling the documentation requirements will be offered a complimentary incentive.


Incentives are determined by the number of tenants successfully rented to at each rental property:

  • For each rental property, the first tenant will qualify the landlord for one (1) 'primary incentive'
  • For each additional qualified tenant rented to at the rental property, the landlord is offered one (1) secondary incentive per tenant

For example, a landlord has listed with T4T two rental properties, Rental Property A and Rental Property B. There are two (2) units in each rental property. The landlord successfully rents to 2 qualified tenants in Rental Property A and one qualified tenant at Rental Property B. The second unit in Rental Property B is rented to a non-qualified tenant. Given completion of all required documentation, The landlord would therefore qualify for:

Rental Property A: One primary incentive and one secondary incentive

Rental Property B: One primary incentive

This landlord would qualify for a total of two primary incentives (choice of two value passes or two sets of ten day tickets or one of each) and one secondary incentive (three additional day tickets)

For more information about the incentive options, please see the FAQ section below.

For more information about the incentive options, please see the FAQ section below.

Successful T4T Landlord / Tenant relationships from previous seasons

The T4T program aims to foster stability and strengthen connections within the community for MHM and CSMR employees. The program will provide incentive to encourage successful T4T landlords from previous seasons to continue to rent to tenant-employees. See below and FAQ for details.


Please read the following program guidelines carefully as our program qualifications have been updated:

Guidelines to qualify to list a rental property with Turns for Tenants:

Maximum Rent

The T4T program caps the maximum allowable monthly rent per rental property type. This cap was determined by taking into account many factors including local area cost of living, Rental Fair Market rent data from Hood River and Clackamas Counties, rental data from previous seasons of the T4T programs, MHM/CSMR wages and earnings bench-marking and data collected from employee surveys on the topic of housing.
We understand some rentals will not qualify for the program; our focus is to identify affordable, available housing options for our employees and concentrate efforts on linking those listings to employees searching for affordable housing.

To qualify as a listing with Turns For Tenants, the monthly rent for the property must meet one of the following criteria in the table below:

Rental Property Type

Maximum Monthly Rent
Utilities NOT included in rent Utilities included in rent (water, sewer, garbage,and electricity)
Studio or one-bedroom <$900/Month <$1,000/Month
Two-bedroom <$1200/Month <$1,400/month
Three-bedroom <$1700/Month <$2,100/Month


To qualify for the incentives [hereafter referred to as voucher(s)]. A landlord must apply and be accepted into the program prior to filling vacancies or forming a relationship with the tenant of any kind. Agreements made with tenants prior to applying to and listing with T4T are not eligible for the voucher(s).

The duration of a lease should be mutually agreed upon between the tenant and landlord/homeowner: if the lease is less than six months, the lease term must be for a reasonable majority of a seasonal employee’s working commitment to MHM/CSMR. Additionally, long-term leases are eligible for the program as MHM and CSMR employ year-round staff and seasonal staff that wish to remain in the area beyond the winter seasons. Mt. Hood Meadows reserves the right to review and revoke a landlord or homeowner’s voucher(s) if the rental agreement with an employee is terminated early without reasonable cause.

Once the application is received and approved by MHM program coordinators, you will be notified via email and the rental will be added to a list available to MHM/CSMR employees who have committed to a full or part time job. This list is called the T4T List.

Employee eligibility: Full-time employees at Cooper Spur Mountain Resort, Cooper Spur Ski Area, and Mt. Hood Meadows qualify for this program. Employees are sometimes referred to as "team members" internally, and the terms are interchangeable. This program excludes employees who are children and relatives of landlords/homeowners. Limited commitment employees are also excluded from this program.

Human Resources educates our employees and hiring managers on who is eligible for the program and how to use the T4T list. Additionally, we control access to the list by ensuring it is password protected. Your rental listing will not be shared with the public. We cannot totally control the distribution of the list, and it is highly encouraged for landlords to check with to verify if a prospective tenant qualifies for the program.

Employees will contact you if they are interested in your rental. The landlord/homeowner is responsible for all aspects of managing their rental including setting the deposit amount, screening prospective tenants and choosing a tenant. You are encouraged to check with the Human Resources department to ensure the prospective tenant has accepted an offer for a full time job, and is a qualified tenant with the program. Human Resources can be contacted by emailing

In certain circumstances, you may not be able to meet face to face with tenants before their desired move-in date. Some employees are moving to the area a large distance. Skype, Zoom or any other method to discuss the rental situation can go a long way in finding the right tenant for you.

Once the vacancy is filled the homeowner or landlord must notify the T4T Program Administrator that their rental is filled and the listing will be removed from the T4T list. To qualify for the incentives, the landlord must submit a signed copy of the rental agreement. Instructions will be outlined in the confirmation email after your listing has been approved.

The lease agreement must clearly contain:

  • Length of lease term (month-to-month, 6 months, 12 months, etc.)
  • Rental property address
  • Tenant and landlord names and dated signature of both the tenant and landlord

The T4T Program Administrator will verify the tenant qualifies for the program. If you rent to an individual who is not eligible for the program, you are not eligible to receive the incentive voucher(s).

If the rental is filled with someone who is not a qualified MHM or CSMR employee, please contact the T4T Program Administrator to have your rental removed from the T4T list.

The voucher(s) will be issued if all of the requirements of the program have been met:

1. Landlord applies to list their available rental with T4T and is approved for the T4T list
2. Landlord rents to qualified, MHM or CSMR employee
3. Landlord provides copy of the lease and lease is verified by T4T Program Administrator
If the tenant was aware of the landlord's available rental prior to the landlord applying and listing on T4T, the landlord will not be eligible for the voucher(s)

Please note: Mt. Hood Meadows will wait to fulfill all vouchers until the tenant/employee’s first day of work. Vouchers take up to two weeks to process. If waiting to get your incentives is inconvenient for you, please purchase your pass ahead of time and seek reimbursement. Details on incentive vouchers can be found below.

Voucher(s) are not refundable, are not to be sold, cannot be carried over to the following season and are not transferable for other resort offerings or services. All aspects of this program are reviewed each year before the onset of the new winter season. Mt. Hood Meadows may decide to alter or terminate the program at any time.

We are now accepting applications for the 2022-23 winter season!

New Landlord/Employee Agreements

If you would like to apply to become a T4T Landlord, please review the program eligibility requirements prior to completing a New Landlord Application (linked below). The T4T Program Administrator will follow up with you after your application has been received. If you have any questions regarding the program or the program guidelines, please email:

New Landlord Application

Returning Landlord/Employee Agreements

If you were a successful T4T landlord from any season since 2016 and are still renting to a Meadows or Cooper Spur tenant(s), you may qualify for incentive vouchers. Returning Landlord Applications can be submitted at the link below.

The T4T Program Administrator will follow up with you after your application has been received.

Returning Landlord Application

Answers to Common Questions - FAQ

How much should I charge for my rental?

See the Program Guidelines section for the maximum rent allowed into the program.  Factors you may want to consider in listing your rental price: furnished or non-furnished, shared or private amenities, utilities included or not, etc.

While we understand the importance of collecting a deposit before allowing any tenant to reserve the rental, keep in mind most employees starting their winter season are without significant reserves of cash to spend on a deposit. You must balance the inherent risks of renting your property with determining an appropriate rental and deposit amount for seasonal employees.

Does Meadows assist in placing tenants into rentals?

No, Mt. Hood Meadows does not get involved in determining what tenants are appropriate for your rental. The T4T list is intended to facilitate the initial connection between available, affordable rentals in the local area and our employees. The screening, lease agreement and all aspects of the relationship between the landlord and tenant are up to the landlord.

My rental is a studio/whole flat and I charge more than your max rent per month. What if a couple wants to rent from me?

The rental will still need to be rented at or below the maximum monthly rent allowed in the program to qualify for the incentives.

Will Mt. Hood Meadows help collect rent from employees?

No. The T4T program is only a facilitator that connects available rentals with employees looking to rent. All rental/lease agreements are between the landlord/owner and the tenant.

Can I only rent to tenants from specific departments, genders or jobs?

As the landlord you may set your criteria and screen candidates how you choose. Think of it as a job interview - you and the tenant should have a conversation to determine if it's a good fit for both of you. Setting clear expectations and boundaries up front will go a long way in developing a successful relationship. For example stating up front things such as: "Looking for a roommate who will respect quiet hours between 9 PM and 7 AM."

As a landlord, you will need to be aware of tenant rights and what constitutes as illegal discrimination under Fair Housing Laws. Meadows reserves the right to bar any landlord for participating if there's verified evidence of discrimination in their tenant screening processes.

What if I have rented to Mt. Hood Meadows employees in previous years, not through T4T, and plan on renting to them again?

Thank you for renting to Meadows and Cooper Spur employees! The spirit of this program is to make a list of rentals available to our employees currently searching for housing. A landlord must apply with the program prior to making contact with potential tenants that are employed at Cooper Spur or Mt. Hood Meadows and/or filling vacancies. Agreements made with tenants prior to applying with the program are NOT eligible for the voucher(s).

Does the T4T program have a deadline for the application process?

We are currently accepting landlord applications and there is no set deadline. Our seasonal winter employees start their housing search as early as September. Demand for seasonal housing usually declines in January. We will, however, accept landlord applications throughout the winter season and into the spring as we also hire year-round employees who relocate to the area.

Are there geographical boundaries my rental must fall in to qualify?

Employees can access a free employee bus from Sandy and Hood River. If your rental is further than 20 miles from the furthest reaches of our bus service (Sandy and Hood River), you may find that employees are not interested in commuting that far. We will consider rentals outside this 20 mile radius on a case by case basis factoring in affordability and drive time.

What else is Mt. Hood Meadows doing to address the growing challenges employees face in finding housing?

The T4T program is one of many initiatives Mt. Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur Mountain Resort are taking to address the challenges our team members face when seeking affordable, local housing. Additional initiatives include bench marking our base wage rate above the state minimum wage, providing free employee transportation and working with property management companies on master leases for employee housing.

Incentives FAQ

What are the peak days the incentive vouchers won't work?

The Value Pass provides everyday access, all season long, but on Peak Days it isn't valid until 2 PM. Peak Days are December 26, 2022 through January 1, 2023, Saturdays and Sundays from January through March 5, 2023, and MLK and Presidents Day Mondays.


How do the day tickets work?

You will receive day tickets assigned to your customer profile with Meadows. An email confirmation will be sent once these are available and that email will outline the process for redemption. To redeem for yourself or another, you will have to reserve at least one day ahead of time. The process for redeeming day tickets will be announced soon and posted here.

If I successfully rent through the T4T program, can I upgrade my Value Pass to an All Access pass?

The T4T Value Pass incentive can be upgraded to an All Access pass by purchasing the All Access upgrade. Pricing for this upgrade will depend on dynamic pricing and the most recent rate for the upgrade. All T4T Value Pass recipients will be instructed on how to upgrade if they choose.

Does the Value Pass come with Exchange Partner privileges?

The Value Pass does not allow for reciprocity to Mt. Baker, Whitefish and other ski exchange resorts. Upgrading to the All Access pass will come with Exchange Partner privileges.

How about the non Peak Day tickets? Can I upgrade them on a Peak Day?

The non Peak Day tickets can be upgraded on Peak Days for an additional cost of $50.

Can I reassign my pass?

Yes, you may request to reassign your Value Pass voucher to another individual. If you wish to reassign your Value Pass you must have indicated that on the initial application. Passes cannot be shared, nor can they be reassigned after issued.

I already purchased a pass this year. If I'm successful as a landlord, can I get reimbursed?

We always recommend that potential landlords purchase their pass in case they are not successful in the program. If successful, T4T landlords are entitled to a full or partial reimbursement depending on what type of pass you purchased. Please indicate on your application if you have a pass and will be seeking reimbursement. 

I have multiple rental properties, can I get multiple incentives? 

Yes, if you successfully rent multiple properties through the program you can get multiple incentives. See the details in the Program Guidelines section.