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Welcome to Turns for Tenants!

Thank you for your interest in our Turns for Tenants program! The program is not currently accepting landlord applications, as our winter seasonal team members are away on their summer adventures. We anticipate starting the program up again in late summer. Check back in August for program updates and how to apply as a landlord. 

If you have questions regarding the program, you may contact the Human Resources department at 

What is the Turns for Tenants (T4T) Program?

This is a community-based housing initiative that provides incentives for local homeowners and landlords to list available rentals to Mt. Hood Meadows (MHM) and Cooper Spur Mountain Resort (CSMR) employees. The program benefits both local area landlords and homeowners and MHM/CSMR employees by providing an incentive to local area landlords and homeowners to list their available rental to MHM and CSMR employees. In turn, it encourages the affordability and accessibility of local housing to MHM and CSMR employees. 

The T4T program aims to foster housing stability and strengthen connections within the community for MHM and CSMR employees. Please check back in August for program updates and info on how to apply.