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Managing Lift Access Flow and Volume

Managing Visitation through Lift Access

We will aggressively manage flow and volume at Mt. Hood Meadows this season, which will fluctuate based on weather, operating lifts and changing COVID-19 guidance by anticipating turnout for each day, and then by making available a limited number of date-specific lift tickets online in advance through our dynamic ticketing system.

Our dynamic daily ticketing system will allow for purchase of designated time slots in advance to rigorously manage arrivals and flow into the resort, which will be especially important on peak days.

We will fulfill online ticket orders at our main base area Ticket Building and at the HRM skier services windows to reduce any need for coming into the lodge.

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Social Distancing at the Lifts

Perhaps our biggest challenge this season will be managing lift mazes - and this is where we will need everyone’s cooperation. We need everyone to stay spread out - the length of a ski or snowboard will naturally provide the spacing ahead and behind - but we will also need to spread out our lines laterally. We will accommodate those who request to ride up alone, and we will adjust our mazes accordingly as we gain knowledge as the season goes on. Most importantly, face masks are required in lift lines and on the chair rides. We appreciate your patience and cooperation in making the experience work for everyone.