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    Calling all Ambassadors of Stoke! Join the Mt. Hood Meadows Team and work where you recreate. Your opportunity awaits to enrich lives and create lasting memories. We practice what we call, “The Perpetual Stoke.” We believe that by providing an awesome work environment, our team will provide enriching experiences for our guests. We are passionate about building relationships with our team and guests, which creates a sense of belonging. We welcome everyone to be enriched by Mt. Hood Meadows, 'Your Mountain Home.'


    SERVICE - We take pride in our culture of helpfulness and adopt the mindset, "everybody shovels." It takes a dynamic and supportive team to run a ski resort and we want you to always feel supported.

    INTEGRITY - We promote a culture of honesty and taking responsibility for your actions.

    SUSTAINABILITY - We are a leader in sustainability practices within the ski industry. Meadows has demonstrated ethical and sustainable business solutions and has received recognition on our innovative practices.

    PASSION - We want you to discover what makes you happy in your professional career. Passion can take many forms and we hope you can find what makes you excited to get out of bed and find your passion.

    WELLNESS - Meadows offers many opportunities for team wellness though our employee perks and programs. Take a look at our Perks and Benefits page to learn more.


    Meadows is a Learning Organization. We take pride in our coaching culture that supports your development. You will be expected to receive and give feedback with the aim of improving the team and guest experience. We have dozens of team members who are respected professionals in their field, presenting at conferences, moving the industry forward, and gaining notoriety for our organization.

    We believe in fostering a growth mindset. This means building perseverance, being able to tackle problems, change tactics, and properly reflect in order to improve. A growth mindset allows us to nimbly adapt to changing conditions – daily / weekly, internally and externally. It allows us to seize opportunities and new methods to improve results. Making an effort matters – we embrace failure as the path to success and practice saying “I don’t know how to do that - YET” rather than just “I can’t.”

    We want you to develop. We offer training, chances to learn, and encourage you to seek those opportunities out. If you have been in the workforce, it’s never too late to learn new things. We invite you to help coach others, be ready to learn new skills, new habits, new technologies, and grow yourself into the job you want (here or elsewhere!).

    We encourage exploration, not stagnation. Don’t feel you have to stay put. There are dozens of departments, hundreds of roles, so you have the chance to explore and learn about a variety of tasks, skills, and subject areas. Having fun in what you do magnifies the experience for yourself and others.

  • Local Area & Housing

    We breathe rare oxygen here on Mt. Hood. This is a sacred place. Take time for yourself, speak up for what you need to be well, feel healthy, have fun and be enriched. Speaking of sacred, we are on special land, from the tribes who lived here, to our current Special Use Permit from the USFS that allows us to conduct a business on public land. We have a moral and legal obligation to be good stewards. Many on our team have developed a deep and abiding passion for the snow. Consider getting out to enjoy it. However, it’s not a requirement to ski or ride to work here. Passion can take many forms: for the mountains, for serving others, for being a part of a team, for the skills you are learning or haven’t learned yet. Passion can be cultivated from following your interests.

    We recognize that finding local seasonal housing can be challenging. The Turns for Tenants program incentivizes landlords/homeowners to list their available rental units to Mt Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur Employees. Once candidates commit to a job here, they may receive a list of these landlords willing to rent to employees. Contact your manager or Human Resources for details.

  • Transportation

    Meadows provides regularly scheduled employee transportation from Hood River, Parkdale, Sandy, Welches, Rhododendron & Government Camp throughout the winter season. While the bus schedule doesn't work for all shifts and departments, it works for most.

    Public transportation during peak operating days.

  • Application Process

    What should I apply for?
    • Criteria to consider when finding a job to apply for: your availability and type of job.
    • Availability: Meadows hires for seasonal, part-time, full-time, and occasionally year-round positions. New positions are updated throughout the year on our Current Openings page. Most of our positions require a commitment to weekend and holiday work during the winter ski and snowboarding season.
    • Type of job: It can be overwhelming to know where to start if you're open to any job. Start with the question, do I want to work indoors or outdoors? If you would like to learn more about our many opportunities and departments, we invite you to explore our Jobs Page and Current Openings for positions that meet your interests.

    How does the selection process work?
    • You will need to submit an online application. Once you have submitted an application and you meet the minimum qualifications for the job that you have applied for, the hiring supervisor, manager or recruiter will contact you for next steps.

    Need assistance? Email Human Resources at

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