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Meet the Camp Coaches

Photo of ski instructor Jenn LockwoodName: Jenn Lockwood
Home Hill: Mt. Hood Meadows
Credentials: PSIA-NW Alpine Technical Team Member, Alpine L3, Childrens Specialist 2 Clinician, Freestyle Specialist 1, Senior Specialist 1, USSA 100, Mt. Hood Meadows Alpine Training Coordinator
Hobbies: Skiing, mountain biking, fitness, reading, paddleboarding, travel, outdoor adventures of all kinds!
Skiing Interests: Steeps, trees and bumps are her playground.  Yet, she embraces time spent on groomed terrain mastering the fundamental movements that build a strong foundation for exceptional skiing on all terrain.
Other Jobs: Owner & CEO - Chief Exercise Officer of PEAK fitness NW, a small 400 square foot boutique training barn in Mount Hood; creator of PEAK Ski Conditioning, an online 12-week ski conditioning program to help skiers enjoy every moment on the slopes and a 26-year veteran health and fitness professional.  Her motto:  Get Fit. Ski Hard & Have FUN!

Photo of instructor Katie FeuchtName: Katie Feucht
Home Hill: Mt. Hood Meadows
Credentials: PSIA-NW Alpine Educational Staff, Alpine L3, Childrens Specialist 2, Freestyle Specialist 1, Senior Specialist 1, L1 Examiner, USSA 100, Mt. Hood Meadows Trainer Staff
Hobbies: Skiing, mountain biking, hiking, running, gardening, all things outdoors!
Skiing Interests: I love bumps and off piste and exploring the mountain. One of my newer passions is mountain safety and risk management so that I can keep myself, friends, family, and clinic attendees safe as we explore the mountain. I also love carving and high speed race training.
Other Jobs: Technical Risk Manager in the tech world


Photo of instructor Tara SeymourName: Tara Seymour
Home Hill: Ski mainly at Mt. Bachelor and Hoodoo in Oregon. Work at Mt. Hood Meadows as a trainer and instructor
Credentials: PSIA-NW Ed Staff, Children’s Specialist Lead
Skiing Interest: Traveling around the USA and Canada seeking deeper, steeper and education. I regularly train with national team members at least twice a year. My own personal growth shines through in my clinics. I love skiing steep chutes, couloirs, and anything that gets my heart racing. I also am passionate about and love geeking out on muscles, movements and alignment. Skiing with friends and building community is very important to me. Both of my kids’ ski race, so I am usually cow belling it on Saturdays
Outside Of PSIA: I am a Yoga Instructor and a Massage Therapist. I am a long-distance runner and love working out

Photo of instructor Emily HearleName: Emily Hearle
Home Hill(s): Mt. Hood Meadows, Breckenridge Ski Resort
PSIA experience/credentials: AASI Snowboard Level III, PSIA Children’s Specialist Level II, Freestyle Specialist Level I, Adaptive Snowboard Level I, Mt. Hood Meadows Training Staff
Hobbies/Life Enjoyment: Yoga, Rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing (perpetual beginner), being a book nerd, outdoor recreation for children with special needs, spending time outdoors with family and friends
Snowboarding Interests: I love snowboarding steeps, trees, bumps, and any terrain that resembles a half-pipe. The bigger the berms, the better! I also have a background in snowboard racing and boardercross, so you will often find me out carving with the highest edge angle that gravity/speed will allow. I enjoy teaching all lessons, from the carpet to extreme terrain to the half-pipe!
Outside of PSIA experience: Occupational Therapist

Ski Instructor HollyName: Holly Tencer
Home Hill(s): Mt. Hood Meadows
PSIA experience/credentials: Alpine Level III, Snowboard Level I, Children’s Specialist II, Freestyle Specialist I, Senior Specialist I, PSIA-NW Divisional Staff Member since 2002, Children’s Specialist Clinician, PSIA-NW Examiner, Mt. Hood Meadows Training Staff
Hobbies/ Life Enjoyment: Skiing, Cross country skiing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Snowboarding, Running, Hiking, Road Biking, and being outside with family and friends.
Skiing Interests: I love skiing all over the mountain, cruising down groomers on hard snow days and enjoying all the variety that Heather Canyon has to offer on the powder snow days when I get the chance!  I also really enjoy spring-time slush and sun as well as mushy bumps to play in.  I’ve been teaching many years now and I keep coming back to it as I love to see my students be successful.  
Outside of PSIA experience: Production Manager at a small apparel company, also formerly taught skiing full-time for 8 seasons. (Jackson Hole, Whistler, CA)

Ski Patroller Kristi KaylName: Kristie Kayl
Home Mountain: Mt. Hood Meadows
Hobbies: Skiing, rock climbing and Mountaineering
Skiing Interest: Kristie's background is in freestyle competition skiing but in the last decade her passion for skiing has grown into ski mountaineering and backcountry skiing
Other Jobs: Kristie spends her winters at Mt. Hood Meadows as a full time Ski Patroller and Avalanche Dog Trainer and her summers are spent as a professional Mountain Guide in Alaska, Africa and the North Cascade Range