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Our consecutive week group organizers are teachers and/or parents in the communities they serve. They often have individual rules and requirements for participation in their programs. Follow the link from the "Group" column for more information, and feel free to contact the group organizer for more information about program ages or additional details.

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The safety of our team and guests is our highest priority at Mt. Hood Meadows. Please be advised that due to the continually evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, some program elements may need to be adapted in accordance with the latest guidance from public health officials and agencies.

  • The SnoBlasters sessions starting January 8th and 9th have filled


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Beaverton Groups

Group Day GO Code
Cedar Park
Sundays in February         1163274
North Beaverton - Sold Out
Sundays in January


Raleigh Hills
Saturdays in January  1019009
Murray Hill
Saturdays in January
Saturdays in January 1019024
 Saturdays in February  1708827
 Tumwater Middle School
 Saturdays in February

Gresham / Sandy Groups

Group Day GO Code
Reynolds Ski Club Saturdays in January (mid-day) 1019021
Barlow High School Thursday Nights 1104760
 Sundays in January  1163290

Northeast Groups

Group Day GO Code
NE Snowriders - Sold OUt
Sundays in January 1163295
NE Snowriders - Sold Out
Sundays in February 1163296
 Grant High School - Sold Out  Saturdays in February  1993952

Lake Oswego / Oregon City / West Linn Groups

Group Day GO Code
Lake Oswego High School
Saturdays in January 1163302
Lake Oswego Jr. High School Saturdays in January 1163281
Lake Oswego SnoBlasters January
Saturdays in January 1019207
Lake Oswego SnoBlasters February Sundays in February 1020851
Lakeridge High School
Sundays in February 1163297
 Lakeridge Junior High
 Saturdays in January
Oregon City High School - Sold Out
Friday Nights in January 1163300
Oregon City High School Friday Nights in February 1125269
Gardiner Middle School
Friday Nights in February
Tumwata January Friday Nights in January 1163298
Tumwata February Friday Nights in February  1163299
Riverdale School District
Saturdays in January 1019094
West Linn SnoBlasters Sundays in January 1163288
West Linn SnoBlasters Sundays in February 1163287
West Linn
Sundays in January 1163246
West Linn
Sundays in February 1124980

SW / NW Groups

Group Day GO Code
Ainsworth SnoBlasters
Sundays in January 1221224
Ainsworth SnoBlasters
Sundays in February 1163270
Burlingame SnoBlasters Sundays in January 1163272
Burlingame SnoBlasters Sundays in February 1548960
Forest Park SnoBlasters Sundays
Sundays in February 1163280
Lincoln High School
Sundays in January 1163251
Multnomah Athletic Club
Sundays in February 1163260
 Sundays in January 1163262
 West Sylvan
Sundays in January 1163259
 West Sylvan - February
Saturdays in February

Southeast / Clackamas Groups

Group Day GO Code
Clackamas High School 
Saturdays in January
Clackamas Snowriders
Saturdays in January 1019131
Eastmoreland - Sold Out
Sundays in January 1163278
North Clackamas SnoBlasters
Saturdays in January   1268609
North Clackamas SnoBlasters & Trailblazers Sundays in February 1019112
Sunnyside Environmental
Sundays in February 1232601
 Sellwood - Sold Out
Sundays in January 1164069

Tigard / Tualatin Groups

Group Day CO Code
Saturdays in January 1163254
Sundays in February 1128677
 Sundays in February 1777752 

Vancouver / Camas

Group Day GO Code
Saturdays in January
King’s Way Christian School - Sold Out
Saturdays in January 1163282
 King’s Way Christian School Saturdays in February  1145030
 Seton High School
 Saturdays in January
Saturdays in January

Others & Outlying Area Groups

Group Type
Henkle Middle School / White Salmon / Columbia High School Multiple One Day Trips
Mark Twain Middle School / Silverton Multiple One Day Trips

Midweek Youth Programs

Group Day GO Code
Monday Home School January 1125242
Wednesday Home School January 1127958


College Programs

College Program Group Contact
Chemeketa Community College

Willamette University
Lewis and Clark College
Pacific University
Reed College
Linfield College
Portland Community College
Mt. Hood Community College