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Children's Learning Center Check-In Steps

If you have made your advance purchase and have reserved a Children’s Learning Center Lesson, we have prepared these steps to make your day as smooth as possible:

Step 1- Arrive at Mt. Hood Meadows early, especially if you’re coming on a holiday or weekend day. The Children's Learning Center and Rental Center are in the Sahale Lodge and this is where you’ll pick up any rental gear prior to your lesson. Both open at 8 AM. Lesson check-in is on-snow starting at 9 AM for morning lessons that depart at 9:30 AM. Afternoon lesson check-in is on-snow at 12:30 PM, with lessons departing at 1 PM. Both morning and afternoon lessons are 2 hours in length.

Step 2- Retrieve your online lesson package from the Learning Center or Rental Center staff when you arrive at the Sahale Lodge. Be sure to fill out your forms completely.

Step 3- If you are renting equipment, you will be fitted for boots inside, then collect your skis and poles or snowboard outside at the Rental Center Equipment Pickup/Return corral, which is just outside the Sahale Lodge slope side.

Step 4- You will meet your instructor outside in the Children’s Learning Center daily lesson corral as early as 9 AM. We will place your child in a lesson with other students of a similar age and ability level. If you have siblings in lessons that are of different ability levels, we recommend that they are in different groups based on their ability levels.

Step 5- Pick up/sign out – Must happen outside at the Children’s Learning Center daily lesson corral at the end of the lesson.

Pickup times are 11:30 AM for morning lessons and 3 PM for afternoon lessons.

Parents should speak with the instructor before leaving with your child to get a report card.

Rental equipment may be used until closing and returned at the Rental Center Equipment Pickup/Return corral slope side of the Sahale Lodge.

Post your child’s report card on the refrigerator (to show your pride) and remember to bring it back next time so we know what class to place them in!