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Suggestions & Tips for your lesson

Registration Check In Locations
The Children's Learning Center is located on the first floor of the Sahale Lodge. At this time, all lessons are checking in for the lesson on-snow at 9 AM. If you are also renting equipment, then you will obtain this inside the Sahale Lodge by checking in inside, where you will be fitted for your boots, then pick up your equipment outside at the Rental Equipment Pickup and Return corral. From there, you’ll meet our instructor as early as 9 AM outside in the Children’s Learning Center lesson corral.

Be on time (or early) for your lesson – that way you are not rushed through the process. Please remember that you will need extra time for traffic, adverse road conditions, and taking a shuttle from where you are parked to the lodge. Arriving early will make your experience relaxed and hassle free.

Be Prepared
Be on time (or early) for your lesson – this way you are not rushed through the process. Morning drop-off time for lessons starts at 9 AM, with lessons departing at 9:30 AM. Pack all gear the night before so you don’t forget something in the morning rush.

Fuel Up
Be sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and is fully rested. Make sure they have eaten a hearty breakfast (some protein is good) and are well hydrated. Giving your child a quick snack before the lesson starts (and one for their pocket) is a great idea – especially if you have had a long drive! The healthier the snack, the better!

Dress properly
Be sure to dress your child in appropriate layers, starting with proper ski gear – waterproof/water resistant snow pants/coat/gloves/hat or helmet, neck gaiter or high collar. Pack an extra set of gloves and socks. Always bring goggles for your child -- especially on snowy days -- sunglasses are great for those warm sunny spring days! And apply sunscreen as much and as often as possible. You will have a cubby to stow these items inside the Children’s Learning Center.

When dressing your child, make sure that the only thing in their boots are their feet and one pair of properly fitting socks (preferably not cotton). Any extra layers tucked in can be painful.

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