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*Meadows PDX is currently closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please check back for updates.

Thursday: 10-5 PM
Friday-Sunday: 10-6 PM
Monday-Wednesday: Closed

Location: 1639 NW Northrup Street, Portland, OR 97209

Welcome to Meadows PDX, your gateway to your mountain home. This is the hub for new and returning guests to get the most up to date information on what is happening at Mt. Hood Meadows. Don’t know where to start on planning a trip to Mt. Hood? We are here to help! Stop by and gear up for the upcoming winter season.

At Meadows PDX, we offer:

-- Season, Specialty, and B2B Pass purchases
-- Pass printing
-- Auto recovery for failed credit card payments on payment plans
-- A great selection of logo wear and gifts
-- Gift cards
-- Lost and Found pickup
-- Lesson and rental signups
-- Answers to your questions about lessons, rentals, and more
-- Conference room rental
-- SnoPark Pass purchases

My Mountain cares about Community

Do you need a space to host your next meeting, Q and A, miscellaneous projects, or a small mixer? Meadows PDX has a large conference room available upon application and approval for the community of Portland to come together. This space is ideal for non-profits, board meetings, community associations, artists and local co-ops to engage in a space together for their benefit to enrich lives. This space includes a projector, television, a small kitchenette, seating, and tables. Our maximum capacity is 25 people. Please email for inquiries to, or stop by Meadows PDX and pick-up an application. 

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