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Sahale Pass Holders 2019/20 Season Message

Sahale is the first significant commercial improvement at Meadows since the South Lodge expansion in 1999. It is a long overdue project that will significantly improve the resort experience at Meadows by providing over 23,500 square feet of dining and resort services space. Sahale will be the new home of the Meadows Learning Center and our new ski and snowboard equipment rental center. The second floor will feature over 10,000 square feet and 230 seats for dining, with diverse menu offerings designed to be served with quality and efficiency, a bar and outdoor deck.

Sahale members can pick up their season passes at the Concierge Desk at Mt. Hood Meadows Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 3 PM at the ski area, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, unless the lifts are operating.

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Sahale by the numbers:

• $15 Million investment to be constructed over the next two summers
• 23,500 square feet
• 10,000 square feet for restaurant and seating
• 230 new seats for dining
• 1st floor houses equipment rentals and Meadows Learning Center
North Lodge Reutilized Space 
• Gains 670 additional seats for dining
• Total increase of over 60% of current seating
Overflow Parking Lot (future Nordic Lot)
• Two acres of additional parking
• Approximately 250 additional parking spaces

With Sahale, we will be able to redesign our North and South lodge spaces adding 670 seats for lodge dining. Sahale and the existing space reutilization will increase lodge seating by 900 - a 60% increase over what we have now. 

Sahale is a $15 million project that will be built over the next two summers.

We will break ground at the end of this season, but we also have other vital CAPEX projects that we need to address. We will move forward with phase one of the Nordic Lot, giving an additional two acres of paved parking which is so critically needed on our busy days. As our valued guests have told us (for a few seasons now) our pinch points are available parking and overly crowded lodges.

Mt. Hood Meadows will increase parking capacity by paving two acres of the overflow parking lot this summer.

Our phased in approach provides balance to address these needs over the next two seasons to provide the experience, even on peak days, that you desire. We also need to continue our investment in snow harvesting equipment and summer trail maintenance so we can improve our capabilities to open early, with a relatively small amount of natural snow.

Thanks to all those who purchased Sahale Gold Memberships to assist us with these improvements!