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Sahale Gold Membership

Sahale Gold Loyalty Membership Benefits

  • Includes year round access, winter, summer and even any Spring seasonal extensions we offer in the future (goes through 2023-24 season)
  • Qualifies for the Season Pass Exchange Program
  • Invites to events and activities offered to our Gold Members
  • Quarterly “early lift access” events to meet and ride with our Leadership Team
  • ”Members Only” retail items with special store access and added loyalty rewards points
  • Two free winter and four free summer buddy tickets each year ($1300 value over five years; vouchers expire at the end of each season)
  • Five discount Buddy tickets ($25 off day (all-mountain) / $10 off night) each year (up to $625 value over five years; vouchers expire at the end of each season)
  • Free Nordic trail access ($500 value over five years)
  • 20% off lodging at Cooper Spur Mountain Resort (subject to availability)

Ability to reassign your pass to a different individual once each season. 

  • If you’re injured, have to move for work, take an extended vacation, or whatever your reason, you can assign it for someone else to use that season. The following season it returns to you. (If reassigning to someone whose age is in a more expensive pass category there is a $125 transfer fee)
  • Click here to reassign your pass

Thank you for helping us to improve “Your Mountain Home.” This limited Sahale Gold Membership offering has helped us make the improvements you’ve been asking for. We thank you for being a part of making it happen!