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Value Pass FAQ

What is the Value Pass?

This is our most affordable season pass, offering every day access for the resort’s 150+ day season. However, some days (known as Peak Days) the access on a Value Pass doesn’t start until 3 PM.

What are Peak Days?

These are the time frames that Meadows tends to have the largest turnout of visitation, meaning parking lots can reach capacity early, lodges get crowded and there’s a greater likelihood of lift lines. Sounds fun, huh? Seasoned guests have learned to negotiate the peak day congestion, by arriving early, car pooling or shuttling. They “ski the opposite” - skiing and riding at peak lodge times (11:30 - 1:30), taking in Apres ski entertainment and restaurant deals to delay departure and avoid traffic congestion leaving the mountain. The Value Pass is designed to avoid these most busy time frames.

Here are the dates we’ve identified as Peak Days - when the Value Pass doesn’t provide lift access until after 3 PM:

  • December 21 - 23, 2019
  • December 26, 2019 - January 5, 2020
  • Saturdays and Sundays in January and February
  • Martin Luther King and President’s Monday Holidays

What if I want to use my Value Pass on a Peak Day?

Your Value Pass is valid even on Peak Days, but not until after 3 PM. These Peak Days fall into our night operating season, so that means you can still ride lifts from 3 - 9 PM on Peak Days.

No, I mean I want to use my Value Pass on a Peak DAY!

Gotcha. You can add Peak DAY access to your Value Pass, in daily increments, or for the whole season, effectively making it an Unlimited Access Pass. You simply log into our online store and add single Peak Days, or Unlimited Access. Any Peak Day access you add to your pass waits for you to go through a gate between 9 AM - 3 PM on a Peak Day, and is used at that time.

Do I have to add the Peak Day Access at the time I purchase the Value Pass?

No these can be added later. That means you can purchase your Value Pass before May 31 to get the Passholder Bonus Package, and add your peak day access later.

What does it cost to add Peak Access to my Value Pass?

Glad you asked! It depends on when you add it and what age group you are in.


UNTIL November 3rd, 2019

Age Group Value Pass Price Add All Peak Days Total with All Peak Days Or Add One, Two or Three Peak Days*
7 - 14 $229  $90  $319 $35 / Day
15 - 24 $309 $130  $439 $45 / Day
25 - 64 $409  $210  $619 $70 / Day
65 - 74 $319  $160  $479 $55 / Day

AFTER November 3rd, 2019

Age Group Value Pass Price Add All Peak Days Total with All Peak Days Or Add One Day*
7 - 14 $329 $160 $489 TBD
15 - 24 $409 $210 $619 TBD
25 - 64 $509 $420 $929 TBD
65 - 74 $419 $320 $739 TBD

If I Add Unlimited Access, do I need to purchase any other days?

No. You have created a pass with Unlimited Access, all hours of lift operations for the whole season. This is basically the same as our old Unlimited Pass. 

Can I use the free lift ticket from my Bonus Package for my own Peak Day Access?

Yes! But you'll need to stop by a point of sale at the ski area to apply it to your pass before you head to the lifts. 

Can I give my Day Access to others?

No. These are not transferable - they will only work with your pass. 

Are unused Peak Days refundable?

No so you will want to make sure to use any Peak Days you added on before the Peak season ends (last Sunday in February). 

Do you really think this will work?

Yes. It has worked in a variety of resorts and is used daily for such things as determining your electric bill (peak demand pricing) or selecting airline seats. It follows the basic law of supply and demand. Value pricing, also known as congestion pricing, is a broad term covering an array of options in which a higher price is charged when demand is greater. The goal of value pricing is to reduce congestion by encouraging some people to visit at less congested times or shift the hours they visit, and to provide users with a more enjoyable experience.

Does it work for everyone?

It works great for those that have the flexibility to visit off-peak! A great price and less congestion. The peak day experience will also improve through reduced visits from those whose visitation pattern is influenced through this value pricing (even if it is a relatively small amount). There is also the benefit of having the discussion about peak days, what causes the congestion and how we can all work together to reduce it that will also help improve the overall experience for guests on peak days.

Will it work for me?

We feel all Northwesterners deserve the Mt. Hood Meadows experience and that process begins for many with selecting and budgeting for the right product to match the experience they are seeking.  In balancing all of the variables (some of which are discussed above), the Value Pass is our best attempt to set our guests up for the experience they desire:

  • It offers an affordable option to ski/ride nearly every day of the season
  • It provides a better experience for all who wish to come to Mt. Hood Meadows
  • It creates a seamless purchasing experience that gives our guests the power to decide what level of access is right for them.